After the 80s, the first-line actress luxury car

For the female stars in the entertainment circle, it is of course a good choice to marry into the giants. Without any effort, they will have hundreds of millions of nets overnight. However, more female stars have chosen to work hard, especially after the top line has become a source of money, and millions of advertising endorsements and pays have made them become enviable enriched women. Compared with the grassroots, the female stars earned a lot, and the consumption is naturally not blind. The famous bags and the Chinese clothes are all small dishes. It is really the hard power competition of luxury houses and famous cars that can show the value of a female star. Although it is said that more and more 90-year-old beauty in the entertainment industry is now taking the power to quickly take the position, but the real voice and the price are still the 80s after the actress, they will be the most beautiful in the year, whether it is a big screen, small The screen is still a place for advertisements and songs, and it is a wealthy person to be rich. Let's take a look at the luxury homes and cars of the first-line actresses after the 80s. Who is the real rich woman will know at a glance.


Xie Na 30 million single-family villa + million road tiger car


Cecilia Cheung's 126 million luxury home + 3 million Lamborghini Gallardo


Sun Hao 4 million homes + Audi TT sports car


Fan Bingbing million luxury home plus millions of Mercedes-Benz S-class luxury car


Jolin Tsai 400 million luxury house + INFINITI sports car

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