Fashionable 3 children's creative furniture to help


The space of small units is really tight. Every inch of space needs to be utilized and reused. The choice of each piece of furniture is also cautious, cautious and cautious. Under the constraints of the conditions, various small-sized households have also emerged. Those are the furniture and lifestyle that suit small homes. Today's Xiaobian brings you 3 very interesting and very practical furniture, making your small apartment life more exciting.

Case1: Simple combination assembled table

If you find that the space in your home is too small, it is especially difficult to carry the table, but you like the casual life, then this small assembled table must be an ideal choice.

Looking at the pile of wooden strips and two plastic plates on the ground, I don't think it was a table that was opened. Such a simple combination of materials, even can not find a screw, can not see any fixed parts, roughly can be seen only four legs and a table.



The materials on the desktop are very simple and very cheap. If you like, you can buy more colors. Each recombination can give you a fresh feeling.


From this point of view, the most critical part of this table is the middle latch. All connections, including fixing, rely on this pin. But your simple material doesn't have to worry about the bolts being lost when you lose the table. You can find similar wood strips instead.

  • Blade is made of 316L stainless steel and handle is made of TPR+PP+Stainless Steel.
  • Can be used for grating cheeses, vegetables, coconuts, chocolates, apples, zucchinis, gingers, potatoes, and more.
  • Wide and spacious grating surface accommodates large items with greater ease of movement.
  • Durable Kitchen Grater; ideal for hard cheeses and vegetables
  • FDA approved and PBA free. 

Flat Grater

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