What to save your original furniture design in China?

Every year, the world's major furniture exhibitions are over, less than half a year, and the cottage version of all kinds of new furniture will appear in various stores in China; it is because of the super-imitation ability of the Chinese that led to the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair. Fendi Furniture publicly refused to visit Chinese designers. Some people joked that the Chinese furniture market is a big "cottage market."

During the Spring Festival of 2012, CCTV Financial Channel launched the feature film “Big Design”, which is the first time that the domestic official media has focused on the design field, and it has also caused great repercussions in the home design industry. What is gratifying is that a few days ago, China’s chain home store Red Star Macalline said it would invest 50 million yuan a day to support the original design of Chinese home.

On the one hand, the original design situation is a headache, and on the other hand, the media and the company's strong support and input can't help but ask: What to save you, China's original design?

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Cartoon Series Key Chain

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Cartoon Series Key Chain

Cartoon Series Key Chain

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