Guangdong Jianwei Humanity Furniture Weijiasi Square Store was exposed to old and new

The new wine cabinet bought at 6,300 yuan is second-hand goods?

It is a pleasure to move to a new home, but Mr. Qiu, who lives in Baiyun District, recently was upset by the move to buy a new home. In September last year, Mr. Qiu ordered a set of furniture from Jianwei Humanity Furniture Weijiasi Square Store, including a wine cabinet worth 6,300 yuan. On February 29 this year, the wine cabinet arrived, but Mr. Qiu found that some parts of the newly bought wine cabinet were peeling off and the color was dim. "One look is second-hand!" Mr. Qiu immediately asked the other party to return and compensate.

The new wine cabinet is dark and faded

In September last year, Mr. Qiu ordered a set of furniture worth about 20,000 yuan, including TV cabinets, coffee tables, wine cabinets, etc., at the Jianwei Humanity Furniture Weijiasi Square store, because of his new home, and on February 16 this year. The payment is made in the day.

On February 19 this year, the furniture company delivered the goods to the door. The delivery party informed midway that one of the set of ordered furniture could not be delivered due to damage. On the same day, Mr. Qiu signed the furniture other than the wine cabinet. “The furniture company said that there was no other stock at that time. It was not until March 25 that the new wine cabinet could be delivered to the door.” Mr. Qiu, who was eager to move in, asked the other party to do so as soon as possible, and the other party promised to transfer a wine from Shanghai on February 29. Cabinet to Guangzhou.

On February 29th, the new wine cabinet was delivered to the house, and Mr. Qiu said that he was dumbfounded. “The wine cabinet looks dull, the corner paint is off, and the combination connection is very old. It is very different from the previous samples. It is used at first glance.” Mr. Qiu suspected that the furniture shop sent him a second hand. goods. In this regard, he felt very angry and refused to sign.

Request an apology plus double compensation

On the evening of February 29, the store manager sent a call to Mr. Qiu, claiming that the wine cabinet was new. Then, the sales manager of the furniture store also called him several times. "They hope that I will accept the wine cabinet and say that I can do the discount, I refuse to agree."

On March 1st, Manager Tao of the sales department of Jianwei Humanity Furniture Weijiasi Store personally went to the door to discuss the matter with Mr. Qiu. Mr. Qiu said that Tao Manager admitted that the wine cabinet was old and offered him three solutions. “One is to give me a discount, the second is a full refund, and the third is to use the old wine cabinet first. 3 Send me a new one on the 25th of the month, I have not promised."

In view of the serious breach of contract and deception of the customer, Mr. Qiu not only asked the other party to apologize in writing and punish the employee, but also requested Jianwei human furniture to compensate for the double wine cabinet price and the resulting transportation expenses.

On March 6, Tao Manager called Mr. Qiu again. "He said that in addition to the refund, he is willing to give me 500 yuan." But Mr. Qiu insisted on his request. At present, the two sides have still not reached an agreement, and Mr. Qiu has complained to the industry and commerce department.

Merchant response

Jianwei human furniture: "Definitely not a second-hand wine cabinet"

After the incident, the New Express reporter contacted the manager of the sales department of Jianwei Humanity Furniture Weijiasi Square Store. Manager Tao responded positively to the reporter. "It must not be a second-hand wine cabinet. This is just a question of communication between the two sides." Manager Tao told reporters that the store has proposed a corresponding solution, but the request for "double compensation" is too high. The two sides still need further consultation.

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