Gorgeous and beautiful eye-catching makeup

There are three assistants in the gorgeous big eyes: beauty, eye stickers, false eyelashes. In fact, the United States is both a weapon for sublimation makeup and a camouflage expert. When you indulge in the beautiful world, and with the eyeshadow, you will find magic.

How to choose beauty?

Gorgeous and beautiful eye-catching makeup

I don't recommend buying a lot for the beauty, because they are time-sensitive, which will cause unwarranted waste. Maybe two are enough for all the daily needs.

A pair of natural models, like black, gray, brown, wear natural and natural, suitable for any time, any occasion, any makeup, they are more versatile than white TEE.

The other one can choose a special type, the color can be blue, green, purple or multi-color mix, the color can choose lace or lightning symbol, can give people a "stunning" feeling.

Green beauty matching skills

Gorgeous and beautiful eye-catching makeup

The green beauty and light color will have a mixed effect when worn. In order to create a deep eyelid, you can choose a dark eye shadow.

Grey beauty matching skills

Gorgeous and beautiful eye-catching makeup

Gray beauty, dark gray beauty, it is recommended not to match black or dark smoke, this will give people too much feeling of over, just a little bit of eyeliner and natural false eyelashes, makeup innocent + cute feeling straight up, God and again Pure makeup is on the way.

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