Decoration notices second-hand housing renovation zero regret

The second-hand housing is older, and most of the original facilities of the old house have been aging. During the renovation, safe construction, cost saving and careful decoration have become the key tasks for second-hand housing renovation. Next, Xiaobian introduces you to the decoration of second-hand housing, let you know what common misunderstandings and regrets about second-hand housing renovation, and teach you how to do second-hand housing renovation.

Part1: Frequently regretted second-hand house decoration

The price of first-hand housing is high, and second-hand housing has become the preferred choice for many people. It is necessary to renovate the second-hand housing with the money saved. Of course, I hope to decorate it as I hope. If you don't pay attention to the decoration process, you will leave a lot of regrets. The following three points are often used in the process of decorating second-hand houses:

Three major precautions for decoration

The wall is not removed

Three major precautions for decoration

When decorating second-hand houses, many homeowners did not remove the old wall in order to save trouble. This later use buried a lot of trouble.

Hydropower is not reformed
Three major precautions for decoration

The use of second-hand houses is relatively long. The circuit and water pipes of the houses are relatively old. When decorating, the original waterways must be inspected. The circuits of second-hand houses generally have simple distribution, aging of wires and illegal lines. It is recommended to completely renovate. ,arrange again.

Waterproof inspection

Three major precautions for decoration

Buyers should carefully check the waterproof condition of the house during the inspection. Compared with other places, it is more difficult to check the waterproof condition of the second-hand house. Buyers can check the easy-to-damp places in the corners of the bathroom and kitchen. The waterproof effect of the house.

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