Wine bottle industry faces the risk of counterfeiting

The famous wine brand Lafite has a total annual output of only 240,000 bottles and only 50,000 bottles imported into China. However, Lafite’s annual sales volume in China can reach 2 million bottles. Red wine fraud is rampant. This has brought short-term opportunities to some wine bottle manufacturers. A large number of wine bottles have flown to the market, and they have been labeled with the same Lafite label and become a well-known wine. From the data we have obtained, there has been a rapid increase in orders for wine bottles in the past two years.

After several years of development, the wine industry has become more mature in the country. More and more consumers know about wine and wine tasting. For the living space of fake wines, in addition to the relevant departments to intensify efforts to combat, the awakening of consumer awareness will be the most serious blow to them. For wine bottle manufacturers, due to strong market demand in the early period, many companies are engaged in and expand wine. The production line of the bottle, the overcapacity is increasingly prominent, coupled with the rapid decline in the downstream future, will cause great impact on the industry.

It can be said that the current status of wine bottles is an inspiration for plastic bottles and glass bottle manufacturers. This industry often encounters some buyers who make counterfeit sales, how to reject the temptation, and can only cover the geographical risks when the crisis occurs.

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