Jingsu Meihao price melee furniture e-commerce Li Weijia rational treatment

On August 15th, Jingdong Mall took the lead in launching a price war for everyone. Then Suning Tesco, Gome, and Yixun joined in, and set off a price war for e-commerce. On the same day, Suning Tesco once appeared due to excessive traffic. Unable to access, many followers also found that the price war, the same product of several home appliance platforms is less than 11%, more is the price reduction between different commodities. Up to now, the price of electricity for several home appliance vendors is still Continue to upgrade.

Price warfare

When asked about the reasons for choosing the price of electricity for everyone, Jingdong Mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said that Suning now only makes electricity for everyone, and this gross profit margin is above 20%, so we focus on this field to fight price war is the most effective. Jingdong can be 10%-30% cheaper than Suning. And Suning Gome and other e-commerce companies have faced each other, which just proves that the profit of the people's electricity exists. Although Su Mei often uses the banner of "low price", in the face of the Internet, the profits are undoubted.

The price competition of home appliance e-commerce is more cost competition, competition of supplier relations, furniture e-commerce is different, especially custom furniture, involving more extensive, such as raw material supplier relationship, production cost, logistics Cost, installation cost, etc. Until now, the custom furniture industry has not introduced any provisions to regulate the seller's behavior, so any link can lead to the virtual high price of custom furniture, I often find the same material, the same configuration of custom furniture, line The price gap between the upper and lower merchants is 2-3 times or even higher, and the price is unreasonable, which is comparable to that of home appliances.

Guarantee quality, furniture e-commerce calm development

With the rapid development of the Internet, the rapid rise of e-commerce has driven price transparency and transparent services in various industries, and commercial competition has returned to a reasonable level. The reporter interviewed the person in charge of the custom furniture e-commerce platform Liwei home, he said that the furniture e-commerce certainly will not be as big as the home appliance price war, but on the premise of ensuring the environmental safety of all materials, let the price return to rational, the biggest Let the consumer benefit.

“The safety of furniture products always ranks first, and the Internet can make all raw materials transparent. For example, the EGGER board used in our custom furniture, you only need Baidu to know that this is one of the most environmentally friendly plates in the world. Then check the official website of EGGER, you can see our authorization, prove the authenticity of the products we sell, and compare the merchants who also use EGGER board, we can find that our price is the lowest, consumers will choose us naturally. "The person in charge said, "We will never participate in the price war. If the furniture category is a big price war, one possibility is to make a fuss about the raw materials, and the security will be greatly reduced. One possibility is to take the funds. The company will be in crisis. No matter which one, we can't accept it. We don't want consumers to spend the least money to buy the worst furniture, but spend the most reasonable money, buy the best furniture, we Only on the basis of ensuring the safety and practicality of the products, we will firmly build the Internet furniture brand and declare war on all violent acts for the entire furniture industry.

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