Can the new national standard effectively regulate the children's furniture market?

China's first national standard for children's furniture, "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture," was officially implemented on August 1, which ended the current situation of children and adults sharing a national standard for furniture. For the new national standard for children's furniture that has been in operation for more than half a month, how do the furniture companies and customers react, and how the implementation effect is, the reporter interviewed.

On August 20th, the reporter went to the Beijing Red Star Meikailong Wuhuan Store and the Real Home Lize Bridge Store. In the two stores, several teenagers and children's furniture sales counters, the reporter saw that most of the children's furniture displayed can take out the environmental performance test report of formaldehyde and heavy metal content. The edges and edges of most children's furniture are also rounded or chamfered. However, there are very few desks with corners that are sharp and angular. The most serious problems that reporters have seen in these counters are some children's furniture that can be stretched, lifted or folded, and are prone to danger. There are few warnings such as “careful pinch”, “warning” and “danger”. language. The reporter found that most of the furniture instructions are marked with warnings, but not many of them are reflected in the furniture.

For the new national standard, most consumers are not very clear. Consumer Wang Hai is picking a baby cot for his four-month-old child. He told reporters that when he picks up furniture, he will look at the shape first and look good, and then look at the quality of the material. His most important thing is that he can't have edges and corners, so as not to hurt the children. But he doesn't care much about whether the furniture has an environmental performance test report. "As long as the quality is good, it is not important to have a report. I can't see the business when I show a fake. So as long as things are really good, it's okay." Not only do consumers don't understand the new national standard, Some sales people are not clear about the new national standard. When the reporter asked whether the furniture met the national standards for children's furniture, many of the sales were ambiguous, but the reporter said that the quality of the furniture was very good.

Luo Jing, director of the Beijing Furniture Quality Supervision Station, said in an interview that children's resistance and self-protection ability are weaker, and the environmental protection and safety requirements for children's furniture are higher than that of adult furniture. Therefore, the new standard focuses on the safety and environmental protection of children's furniture. The implementation of this standard will not only regulate the current chaotic children's furniture market, but also enable consumers to have reference standards when purchasing children's furniture.

"There are several standards in the new national standard that are mandatory. If they are not implemented, they will be banned and punished. This severe measure will urge enterprises to rectify the children's furniture they produce as soon as possible to meet the new national standard. In the last two weeks, the more More and more children's furniture factories have entrusted our furniture quality supervision stations to test the quality of their furniture, to know where their own homes have problems, and to make corrections as soon as possible. It can be said that the use of new national standards will be more in line with children's The growth characteristics are also more able to ensure the physical and mental health of children," Luo said.

The reporter learned that the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" is divided into nine parts, with emphasis on the structural safety and safety warning signs for children's furniture. In "Architectural Safety", the product should not be dangerously sharp and sharp, and the edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered. In order to prevent children from playing in the furniture for too long and suffocating, the standard also stipulates that cabinet-type closed furniture must have a breathable function. In the “Warning Sign”, it is stipulated in the children's furniture products or in the instructions for use that the applicable age range and other required safety warning signs should be clearly specified. The warning signs include “dangerous”, “warning” and “attention”. . The standard highlights the environmental protection of children's furniture, and sets limits on heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatic amines and other toxic and hazardous substances in children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles, fur fabrics and other main and auxiliary materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly. Requirements are more stringent and demanding than adult furniture.

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