High-end beauty salon profit marketing under heavy pressure

High-end beauty salons are not like the mass beauty salons. Its target customers are high-end people. The products and prices are much higher than those of ordinary beauty salons, but their high-quality products and services attract many high-end people. With the world economic downturn, high-end beauty salons have also withstood various pressures and tests, and a high-end beauty salon , such as the introduction of US imports of imported products, has become a profitable marketing model.

High-end beauty salon profit marketing under heavy pressure

High-end beauty salon profit marketing under heavy pressure

From the development of the beauty industry to the present day, the rapid development of beauty salons has provided more beautiful choices for women, but the difference in cost performance, rising rents, labor, product costs, and pressures have forced operators to use strong sales to increase profits. Management is in a bottleneck.

First, the drawbacks of management

1, stored value card

Set a certain discount according to the size of the quota. The higher the amount, the greater the discount; the customer cannot consume twice before the amount is consumed; the sales cannot be generated, and the service quality cannot be guaranteed; the customer consumes only the service, and the product needs to be purchased separately, the customer feels It is not affordable, and it is not conducive to the unification of hospitalized guest-loaded products; in order to maintain cost and profit, the beauty salon has a high average cost of care for customers, and the cost performance is too low for customers. It seriously affects store competition for beauty salon competition. force.

2, after selling the product for sale

Constant profit, unable to cope with the increasing cost; think that the pursuit of low discount or increase the retail price of products to increase profits, resulting in a deviation between value and price, seriously affecting cost performance and competitiveness; limited profits, can not improve the treatment of employees, and thus can not meet Customer demand for high quality service; as the competitive environment continues to intensify, it gradually declines.

Second, break through the bottleneck

Sales of products for sale and sales and sales card items have not reached the balance between supply and demand of consumers and stores at this stage, so it is necessary to find a business model that can achieve a win-win situation in order to meet the trend of social development.

1, the basic business of the beauty salon set up the basic card, the conventional 70%-80% product ratio.

2. Set high-cards that are different from other special items, with technology, instruments, etc. as the main core, according to the needs of the treatment.

3, large project card, supporting with third parties, internationalization, and project channel services.

Low-margin basic card routines can increase the price competitiveness of the storefront, high-profit high-card special items enhance the personality differentiation of the store, and the supporting projects of the large projects give the store the opportunity to increase the space, based on the store, focusing on the world, The three parties cooperate to enjoy the benefits brought by globalization and add value with technology.

The healthy operation mode of the beauty salon, the close cooperation between the store and the manufacturer is not a shallow benefit or an immediate benefit, but a cost-effective service, so that there can be terminal quality assurance, in order to maximize the profit of the store and enter the profitable gold. era.

It can be seen that high-end beauty salons are very important in terms of equipment and products that are more attractive to consumers than ordinary beauty salons. It is very important to improve services, especially value-added services. This is even the main means for high-end beauty salons to break through the bottleneck. In fact, as a service industry, consumers value service. As long as the service is good and the products are good, the trust of consumers will be strengthened, which will make the beauty salons constantly upgrade in the competition.

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