Fully meet energy-saving needs Haier store leads the trend of low-carbon home

In the current situation, the topic of low-carbon environmental protection is well known to all, and under the influence of many favorable factors, it can be said that “energy saving” is at the time – energy conservation awareness is obviously improved, energy saving technology is improving day by day, and energy saving subsidy policy is implemented. All kinds of mature conditions have made energy-saving products “fly into the homes of ordinary people”. Faced with the different needs of different groups of people, the comprehensive docking ability of Haier stores in products and services is commendable. We may wish to experience the experience of consumers. Come and feel the difference.

Full performance leading "Home appliance professional households" sincerely lamented

Since the development of domestic home appliances, there have been few generations of technical changes. I am afraid that few people can make it clear, but consumers can appreciate the charm of technology upgrade from the experience of using them. When Lao Zhang talked about the shopping experience in Haier store, he couldn't help but sigh "On the generations, the refrigerator that I just bought can only be ranked as the 'third,' but the performance is definitely higher than the previous two. Grade." Lao Zhang worked in the foreign trade department when he was young. Therefore, he used the refrigerator as early as the 1980s. It is the first generation of white electricity in China. According to him, the first refrigerator is more fresh than practical. Sex, people often come to see the "light scene" at home, but it is practical, but it is noisy, consumes a lot of electricity, and functions very well. Later, when I switched to the second refrigerator, I began to pay attention to the purchase according to the demand, and the selected Haier refrigerator also accompanied him and his family for a long time.

Until recently, it was only because of the implementation of the ladder price to replace the home appliances. In fact, Lao Zhang was a bit reluctant to use the "very durable" Haier refrigerator. It was also because of the trust in the quality of Haier's home appliances. He chose to buy a new product at Haier store. Home appliances, "There are too many varieties of home appliances in the store. See which ones are good, and the functions are getting more and more fine. My 'home appliance professional' has not kept up with the trend." Lao Zhang was surprised by the huge product line in the store, not only Just because it is a one-color energy-saving home appliance, there are also rich product mixes for different needs. Like a refrigerator, it will maximize its performance according to “power saving”, “preservation”, “space”, etc., while Haier’s global leading technology is more old. Zhang turned his attention to more products. In the end, he decided to replace all refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines with energy-saving appliances. "Be careful, or energy-efficient home appliances, if you spend another ten years, you have to save a lot of money!"

Product and service are suitable for both low-carbon life and easy to achieve

Different from Lao Zhang's emphasis on the performance of home appliances, Xiaojiang pays more attention to the comprehensive value of energy-saving home appliances. He hopes to make life more "green" with energy-saving appliances. Because of the heavy responsibility of getting married this year, Xiao Jiang started consulting home appliances very early. He always believed that in modern life, in order to achieve low carbon, home appliances are a key link. From colleagues, Xiao Jiang learned that Haier store launched a seven-star service, which can integrate home appliances and home into a unified style, and the whole process is carried out by professionals. This is a young man who lacks professional knowledge but never lacks ideas. People are undoubtedly the best choice.

With the implementation of energy-saving subsidies, Xiaojiang’s idea of ​​choosing energy-saving home appliances has been further strengthened. In Haier’s specialty store, he has selected a full range of energy-saving products such as frost-free three-door refrigerators, uniform power washing machines, and fluorine-free inverter air conditioners through careful recommendation of service personnel. product. Subsequently, according to Xiaojiang’s concept, the store designer quickly provided a set of home appliance design schemes. On the basis of continuing the established decoration style, the home appliances were skillfully integrated, which not only enhanced the aesthetics of the home, but also carefully planned the lines and pipelines. The layout also gave the construction a professional guidance. Xiaojiang is very satisfied with the regular maintenance of the home appliances and the humanized service with the maximum extended warranty for 10 years.

In a newly decorated wedding room, Xiaojiang was a little excited. He pointed to the wall on the side of the air conditioner and said, “With professional planning, the wall can be pre-punched, and it can be easily decorated in the later stage. Not only is the decoration progress fast, Home appliances are on the go, and they are free to measure electricity and measure formaldehyde. It is more reassuring to live." In Xiaojiang's eyes, such a perfect new home is coupled with the superior performance of energy-saving appliances, which is his ideal low-carbon life.

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