Repair method of loose shell at tennis court

Loose shell repair

1 If there is a problem of loose shells in the asphalt base, the large sag that occurs after cutting and eradicating must be filled. If the depth of the dent is more than 10mm, in order to shorten the time required for the repair, the following two repair schemes are recommended:

First, the program: polyurethane adhesive and black particles

Firstly, a thin layer of primer oil is coated with a polyurethane adhesive, and the polyurethane adhesive and the black rubber particles are mixed and stirred in a ratio of 1:6. After spreading, they are spread in the depression and leveled with aluminum alloy rods. After that, it is really shot with a trowel. Do not add any thinner. Add driers as appropriate. Generally 24 hours can be cured and dried.

Note: If the depression is too deep, it is recommended to use small particles of black rubber particles that will not cause the site to be too soft.

II. Option 2: Acrylic Leveler (PW-002) and Quartz Sand

The acrylic leveler (PW-002), quartz sand and water are configured in the following proportions:

PW-002 : Quartz Sand: Water = 10 Gallons: 50 kg: 10 Gallons

After the mixture is fully stirred and evenly spread, it is paved in a depression, flattened with an aluminum alloy rod, and then scraped evenly with a scraping scraper.

Note: Quartz sand uses a coarse grain size. The repair effect is good, but the drying time is longer.

3.0 Construction of Acrylic Smoothing Layer

3.1 The role of leveling layer

After the pit is repaired and finished, a leveling layer can be constructed. The leveling layer is the foundation stone and supporting layer of the entire coating structure. It is not only the true close-fitting adhesive layer of the asphalt foundation, completely covering the asphalt foundation seal, but also contains a certain thickness of quartz sand, and a large amount of voids on the asphalt foundation. With fill leveling function, it has a certain leveling effect on subtle irregularities.

3.2 material ratio

The material used for the leveling layer is a mixture of acrylic leveler (PW-002), quartz sand and clean water. The material configuration is as follows:

PW-002 : Quartz Sand: Water = 10 Gallons: 50 kg: 10 Gallons

The porosity of the asphalt base may vary greatly depending on the size of the stone used. Therefore, the choice of quartz sand should be based on the roughness of the asphalt surface. Too coarse, you should use a small number of quartz sand, on the contrary, you should use a larger mesh of quartz sand, but not more than 40 to 70 mesh.

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