Concealer has a coup - acne marks the eye bags to go without a trace

Concealing is a test of people's hard work. First of all, it is necessary to accurately find every flaw on your face and solve it in a targeted manner. The key is that you clearly understand the weaknesses of each type, choose the most effective concealer products, and use delicate makeup methods to stubbornly solve them. Many of the embarrassing situations are the same. The principle is the same. Let's take a look at those concealing tricks.

Cover acne printed single product recommendation

Concealer has a coup - acne marks the eye bags to go without a trace

Dior Firming Concealer

Lancome soft cover concealer

EsteeLauder Intensive Whitening Concealer

Cheats one: acne marks go without a trace

To cover acne marks and acne, you must first understand them. Acne and acne marks are inflammations of the skin, which are generally red particles and have uneven surfaces. Those who want to cover such cockroaches must first choose the color of the concealer product. Remember one principle: green can neutralize red, so use a green concealer. The same principle can also help people with red blood cells to use, the green base makeup products can effectively cover the red blood on the face; the second is the covering method, because the skin surface of the acne muscle is uneven, must be covered with a point-to-point Method, then use the foundation to brush the entire face, so that you can completely cover 360 degrees. In addition, it should be noted that if the acne is in an inflamed state, white acne-like granules are being used, and the concealer should be avoided as much as possible to avoid more serious inflammation.

Concealer has a coup - acne marks the eye bags to go without a trace

Acne print step by step

Step1: First use the deep one concealer (the green concealer) on each teasing and teasing;

Step2: Use a small brush to gently spread the cover on the teasing and tanning concealer;

Step3: Put the whole face on the skin and close to the foundation, including the place that has just been covered.