5 technical features of Ito UV water-resistant glass ink

Ito Ink Coating Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has recently developed a water-resistant boiling UV screen printing glass ink N-GL9000, which has the following characteristics:

1) Excellent water resistance. UV-cured glass products can withstand tap water immersion for more than 30 days, and then soak in boiling water for 24 hours, the hardness and adhesion of the cured film will not be affected.

2) UV fast curing, without post-heating treatment. After the new UV glass ink is printed, it is directly UV-cured and does not require post-heating treatment to give the ink layer excellent water resistance. The UV glass inks currently on the market either have poor water resistance or require high temperature baking after UV curing. Although this process improves the water resistance of UV inks, it is inefficient and not conducive to multi-color printing. The user is too troublesome. Direct printing of two-component thermosetting glass ink is convenient. N-GL9000 ink does not contain volatile solvents, no odor, no network blocking, fast UV drying, which not only improves production efficiency, but also facilitates multi-color overprinting.

3) High surface hardness. After the water-curable UV glass ink is cured, the surface pencil hardness reaches 5-6H, the adhesion is 100%, the finished product can be cut at will, and the ink layer will not be brittle.

4) Excellent solvent resistance. After curing, UV ink can resist the erosion of common organic solvents, and the hardness of the cured film and the adhesion to the glass are not affected. Therefore, glass products printed with UV inks can be directly sprayed with solvent-based or baked coatings.

5) Low temperature freezing resistance. The cured glass products will maintain the same adhesion after repeated cooling and heating cycles (-38 ℃ to + 100 ℃).

N-GL9000 is suitable for the printing of various glass products that require water resistance and freezing, such as shower rooms, toilets, kitchen glass products, freezers, refrigerator door covers, outdoor decorative glass, glasses, plates and other products. The screen mesh is preferably 300 mesh.

Boiling water-resistant UV screen printing glass ink can also print ceramic and metal products.

It is very suitable for mass production of electrical appliances color crystal glass, greatly improving the production cycle, no solvent volatile pollution, compared with the traditional baking type greatly shortens the drying time, saves electricity costs; boiled water bottle disinfection.

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