Can the door be opened halfway when the high and low temperature test chamber is in operation?

There are many products to be tested by the company, and the number of high and low temperature test chambers is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to open the door of the equipment to place or take the test product when the equipment is running. Does this operation affect the test results?

The manufacturer does not recommend the user to open the door during the operation of the high and low temperature test box. The first reason: to prevent the body from being uncomfortable due to burns, frostbite or pressure overshoot. The second reason: considering that opening the door halfway will cause the temperature of the box to stabilize to room temperature, resulting in the box The body uniformity will fluctuate greatly and the test is not accurate.

If the test requires that the box door must be opened halfway for sampling, there is a way to install two doors. The first door is an outer door, which is insulated, sealed, and has an observation window. The other door is made of epoxy board or transparent hard plastic. The board is made with a hole of appropriate size in the middle of the door, which is convenient for taking the sample. In this way, the product is effectively isolated from direct exposure to the air, and the uniformity will not be diffused. At present, our company has Produced multiple sets of this series of products, the market response is good, if you need to open the door halfway through use, Beijing Yashilin Test Equipment Co., Ltd. can tailor a high and low temperature test chamber for you according to your requirements.

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Can the door be opened halfway when the high and low temperature test chamber is in operation?

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