Experts teach you winter mahogany furniture maintenance rules

With the price of redwood furniture in recent years being hot and the scarcity of plates, the price of mahogany furniture has doubled year by year. The shape and craftsmanship of mahogany furniture is the most attractive part of many collectors. The mahogany furniture is processed without glue, and it is not used anywhere, that is, without any nails and adhesives. Therefore, the maintenance of mahogany furniture has become the focus of attention.

家长要留心 儿童的家居安全有原则

In the winter, experts have taught you how to maintain mahogany furniture.

How to identify the type of redwood

Due to the wide variety of redwoods, identification is difficult. According to the relevant regulations of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, the so-called mahogany furniture mainly refers to furniture made of rosewood, rosewood, ebony, rosewood, and chicken wing wood. Other than that, wood furniture cannot be called mahogany furniture.


The best in mahogany. Its wood is hard, its color is purple, it is dignified and it feels heavy. The annual rings are silky, with fine texture and irregular crab claws. Purple and wood are also divided into old purple and wood and new rosewood. The old rosewood is purple-black, soaking in water does not fade, the new rosewood is brownish red, dark red or deep purple, soaking water will fade.


Commonly known as old mahogany. The wood is hard and heavy, durable, and can sink in the water. The structure is densely lemon red, deep purple red, purple black stripes, and it emits a kind of spicy flavor when processed, hence the name.


The color is black and bright, the structure is fine and dignified, and it has a sense of grease. Ebony often produces small pieces such as chopsticks and ink cartridges, and it is rare to make furniture.


Also known as fragrant mahogany, similar to the composition of rosewood, its wood is hard, the color is red or red, the texture is rainy, the color is soft, the weight is light, can float in the water, shaped like wood ribs. At present, mahogany furniture on the market is mostly composed of rosewood.

Chicken wing wood

The wood is hard and the color is divided into three colors: black, white and purple. It is shaped like a chicken wing feather, and the color is bright and bright. However, because the wood contains impurities such as fine sand and gravel, it is difficult to process, and it is good to decorate the corner materials. It is difficult to see a complete set of chicken wing wood furniture on the market.

In many mahogany stores, some mahogany furniture of the same material and shape are quite different. According to industry insiders, due to the different raw material purchase channels, labor costs and crafts of various manufacturers, the price of mahogany furniture will have a large gap. In order to reduce the consumer's doubts about the price, the sale of mahogany furniture is adopted as a method of “price-based”. An emerging way of buying. According to industry insiders, in fact, the “Hainan Huanghua Pear” on some shopping malls is not true. According to authoritative sources, "In identifying the antique furniture that was bought back, Hainan huanghuali furniture, which has been regarded as a heirloom by several generations in China, is actually made of rosewood imported from Vietnam."

Winter mahogany furniture maintenance "seven methods"

1. Keep at least 1 meter away from the heat source when placing the furniture. Wipe the beeswax on the back and inside of the furniture.

2. Increase the humidity as much as possible indoors.

3, the furniture should be placed flat and flat, not the four legs are not on a flat surface.

4. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the furniture dust. The furniture surface dust should be gently removed first, and then wiped with a dry cotton cloth.

5, when the furniture moves, it is best to move and move, do not pull hard, it is easy to cause the lower end of the leg and foot.

6. Furniture with drawers It is recommended to drop a few drops of wax on the bottom of the drawer or the drawer (frame).

7. It is best not to place it directly next to the object with high humidity.

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