2012 China Shenzhen Festival Fair

On August 28-30, 2012, the 2012 China (Shenzhen) International Energy Saving and Emission Reduction and New Energy Technology Expo hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government will open at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is understood that this is the only designated exhibition of the Shenzhen Municipal Government to promote energy-saving and emission reduction achievements and development planning. The exhibition area is 30,000 square meters. It is expected to attract 300 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors to build the energy-saving renovation of large-scale government projects. One-stop procurement platform.

After the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” has been reviewed and approved in principle by the State Council, energy conservation and environmental protection as a guarantee for sustainable development has become China's basic national policy. Energy conservation will focus on transforming development methods and improving energy efficiency. Environmental protection will focus on creating a circular economy and seeking recycling. As the first of seven strategic emerging industries, energy conservation and environmental protection emphasizes the development of key technologies, equipment, products and services for energy conservation, advanced environmental protection and resource recycling. At present, the current energy conservation and emission reduction industry will be in the industry, finance, taxation, etc. The aspect gives policy support for the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries, and proposes some directional goals to guide industrial development. Under the support of national policies, the industry will enter a high-speed development period.

Since 2010, the “China (Shenzhen) International Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and New Energy Technology Expo” (“Expo”), sponsored by the national government department and Shenzhen Jiebo Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. for two consecutive years, 2010 In the year, the number of participants in 30,000 reached the highest record of energy conservation and emission reduction exhibitions, which reflected a high level of professionalism and was deeply concerned by the industry. As the platform for the government to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, the “Expo” will use the exhibition as a carrier for international exchanges and cooperation, fully demonstrating the government's efforts to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. In 2012, Shenzhen Jiebo Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. re-integrated resources, guided by the government's leading role, with “energy saving and environmental protection, green and low carbon” as the main axis, “communication and cooperation, resource sharing, promotion of excellent products, construction of supply and demand platform” "Towards the direction, on August 28-30, 2012, the "2012 Festival Fair" will continue to be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, exhibitors will showcase the world's most advanced new energy sources from advanced countries and regions with global energy conservation and emission reduction technologies. New technologies and new products will make the “Festival Fair” an internationally renowned event in the industry!

【Exhibition Area Planning】

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Demonstration Zone

Promote energy conservation and emission reduction policies and regulations, and show the achievements of energy-saving and emission reduction work in cities and counties during the 11th Five-Year Plan period

Demonstrate the results of circular economy and the green development model and achievements adopted by demonstration cities, demonstration parks and demonstration enterprises

Demonstrate the achievements of energy conservation and emission reduction in key areas such as coal, electric power, steel and chemical industries, publicize corporate social responsibility, and promote low-carbon development mode

Industrial Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Exhibition Area

Energy saving and transformation technology. Industrial energy conservation and transformation; energy conservation and transformation in key industries and key areas such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal power, mining; energy conservation and transformation of municipal, construction, power, lighting, etc.

Energy saving technology and equipment. Various types of power saver, energy-saving controller, power-saving system, frequency converter, frequency conversion speed control products and technology, reactive power compensation device; energy-saving electronic ballast, energy-saving electric light source, energy-saving lamp, green lighting products and technology; power-saving software Energy-saving and energy-saving solutions, energy-saving and energy-saving renovation projects, energy-saving motors, air compressors, pump valves; energy-saving air conditioners and refrigeration units; water source, ground source, air source heat pump application technology; energy-saving boilers, energy-saving Thermal heating, residual pressure waste heat recovery equipment; power system energy-saving products and technologies

Abatement technology and equipment. Electronic waste, construction waste, garbage disposal technology, solid waste recycling technology, biodegradable technology, bio-utilization technology and equipment, alternative energy products, environmentally-friendly decorative materials, building materials and organic wastes

Transportation technology, industrial water recycling, sewage sludge treatment equipment, sludge incineration technology, wastewater recovery technology, water-saving appliances, etc.; membrane technology and equipment, fans and pumps, dust removal technology and equipment, gas smoke and chemical monitoring and Processing equipment, desulfurization and denitration technology and equipment, etc.

Energy-saving lighting exhibition area

Urban energy-saving lighting application products

Road lighting products; architectural and landscape lighting products; traffic signals and lighting products; LED automotive products; LED advertising products; LED indoor lighting products; LED special lighting products; LED display, backlight

Urban energy-saving lighting technology equipment

Urban night lighting, lighting engineering equipment, municipal engineering lighting and related equipment, urban set laser technology products, building floodlighting, outdoor lighting and lighting equipment, neon lights, street lights, ground lights

Outdoor lighting technology equipment

Various outdoor neon light manufacturing, application technology equipment; various outdoor laser, animation production technology, equipment; various outdoor advertising media, electronic screen, video wall, projection technology equipment

New Energy and New Energy Technology Zone

Solar photovoltaic systems, new solar cells, lithium batteries, solar thermal utilization, etc.; new energy vehicles, hybrid buses, pure electric buses, power batteries, etc.; smart grids, energy storage power stations; wind energy control equipment, wind power generation equipment, new types Fan equipment, etc.; waste incineration power generation, biodiesel, fuel ethanol, biogas power generation, etc.

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