Bedroom color matching active your love home life

The feng shui of the bedroom is related to fortune and psychological suggestion, so everyone must pay attention to the private space of the bedroom.

The bedroom is a relatively central part of the interior. It has a strong privacy. Color matching and furnishings are very important. Psychologists have long discovered that color has an influence on the human perception system. Feng Shui believes that warm colors such as red and pink will Greatly activate your love life, rosy, coral color will attract the other half, and Crimson will attract him to the side with enthusiasm and courage to explore.


The color of the bedroom. Psychologists have long discovered that color has an impact on the human perception system. Feng Shui believes that warm colors such as red and pink will greatly activate your love life. The soft and layered rose and coral colors will appeal to the other half, while the bold colors such as deep red will attract him to the side of the enthusiasm and courage to explore. Since it is a private space, you can boldly use these passionate colors to add passion to your private time.


The feng shui of the bed is exquisite. In order to ensure easy access to the bed from both sides, this is a representation of the energy equivalent of men and women, and will not affect the quality of sleep of two people. Put a bedside table on each side of the bed; avoid the check at the end of the bed and the door. The cushions and pillows on the bed are preferably paired in pairs to maintain harmony. In addition, Feng Shui believes that for a single person, the bed may not be as large as possible, and the normal size is good. If you can't change the size of the bed, be sure to sleep on patterned sheets to change your emotional state.


Do not let the mirror compare to the bedroom. In addition to affecting health and gender relations, it will even affect your wealth, children and so on. Especially in the place where the bed ends, it is even more difficult to place the mirror. Because this mirror is like a "lighting mirror", people in the bedroom will be upset. To install a mirror in the bedroom, it is best to be in a more concealed place.


Do not stick the bed to the stove. If the bedroom is attached to the kitchen, the bed should not be placed close to the stove. Because the kitchen is a "fire", it is easy for the person living in the bedroom to be sick or nervous.

Beds avoid beams. Beds should not be placed under the top cabinet, beams or lighting, otherwise it may cause headaches, joint pain and other diseases, or damage to reputation.

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