Carton Compressor Product Training: Improving Employee Knowledge and Skills

In the fierce market environment, more and more companies recruit and train outstanding talents, and outstanding talents need to constantly update and supplement their knowledge and skills. In early July, Haida Instrument launched its core idea of ​​improving employee expertise. A carton compression machine product training to improve staff knowledge and skills, and better serve customers.

This product training will be explained in detail by our senior technical engineers. First introduced the characteristics and applications of our carton compression machine , including carton compression testing machine , slope impact testing machine , tensile testing machine and a series of products. With the promotion carton compression machine deepening our technical engineers in conjunction with the application examples carton compression machine, a detailed description of the application features and advantages of carton compression machine.

Our employees have responded positively to this event. After this product training , employees have learned more deeply and comprehensively about Haida products . Through the face-to-face communication and communication with our technical engineers , employees understand the technology more deeply and in place , and at the same time, they have the need for products. A clearer direction , which laid a good foundation for better customer service in the future.


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