Pre-press platemaking process related terms (7)

Image decomposition picture breakdown

A continuous image of the original is divided into an infinite number of image reproduction processes that are not resolved by the human eye within the normal viewing distance.

Color correction

In the color image copying, a dichroic patch correction process that restores the printed color closer to the original.

Undercoat gain under color addition(uca)

A process to increase the basic color at dark shadows and increase image density.

Filter filter

Visible light is selectively absorbed and transmitted through the transparent medium.

Neutral filter neutral filter

A gray transparent medium that uniformly reduces the amount of visible light.

Under Color Removal under color removal (ucr)

In the four-color reproduction, when the three primary colors are used to restore gray and black, the proportion of the three primary colors is reduced, and the process of increasing the black ratio accordingly.

Revision retouching

The process of trimming the color separation sheet to compensate for defects, improve tone reduction, and process the partial image.

MASK masking

In photolithography, masks are used to correct the color and tone of a scene and to mask certain local processes.

Mask mask

Photographic plates, used to correct the color, tone, or cover some of the local stencil, made of photographic film or opaque cut film.

Color separation film

Through color separation, color originals are decomposed into monochromatic (base color) lines, continuous tone or halftone dots, and positive negatives.

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