Demystifying a ridiculous bedroom feng shui

In the daily life of ordinary people, especially in home decoration, feng shui has a wide influence. There are some taboos and conventions that make people feel unpredictable. "The essence of Feng Shui is the pursuit of harmony between people and the environment." Here, Xiao Bian analyzes the plausible taboos in Feng Shui from the perspective of health and science.

Less round in the bedroom

The walls, furniture, etc. of the bedroom should not be round. Feng Shui believes that the circular main "moving", if the bedroom is mainly round, gives the feeling of instability and restlessness, which is unfavorable to the health of the psychological environment.

The bedroom door is not facing the gate of the gate. It is a taboo in the traditional Feng Shui. The traditional layout structure of my national residence rarely has a bedroom door and a door in a straight line. Feng Shui believes that the door does not gather gas, the air comes in from the gate is straight, the stiff wind speed exceeds the human blood flow speed, is not good for the body.

The door and the door are not suitable in terms of use, perception and psychology, so they can avoid it and avoid it. The way to resolve it is to set up a screen to cover, or to build a wall at the entrance of the gate. A porch, the entrance is not too narrow, otherwise it is difficult to play.

Avoid the space after the bed, there is a mirror in front of the bed

"There should be a back after the bed." If the bed is empty, it is called "the sun does not have a star". Leave blank means that there is no back mountain or backing. Indicates that the business is unstable. If the bed is not at both ends, the wind water is called the "Shen" word bed. After the bed is a column, it means that it can only be halfway, still no support. The mirror should not be placed on the bed. The role of the mirror in the wind and water is mainly used to target the fierceness of the direct rush, to reflect the suffocating gas, so as not to be damaged by the fierce rush.

Plants should choose broad leaves

According to the traditional Feng Shui point of view, it is better to choose the broad leaves of the plants in the home. Plants and thorny plants that use less slender leaves, such as roses and cacti in general, have a destructive meaning.

Method and content of item storage

The traditional Feng Shui view holds that the storage of items affects the quality of luck. If the quilts have been collected in the closet, do not accept anything else, because the income of clothing and daily necessities will reduce luck.

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