6,000 Yuan guest dining space decoration plan for a 60-level simple wedding room for two households

Case 1: 50,000 to create a simple and romantic two-person world of 64 square meters wedding room

The overall cost of the dining space: 5500-6000 yuan

Comments on the effect of the living room: The living room is relatively small and squeezed into a space with the dining room, so the overall layout pays attention to "simple and not simple". I chose simple style furniture and red pattern curtains to have a festive romantic feeling.

Restaurant effect comment: The restaurant continues the simple decoration style of the living room, using simple design dining tables and chairs, with red table flags, dining room and wall decoration paintings to highlight the festive atmosphere required by the wedding room. >>> View all pictures of this case


Case 2: The bar is a simple and romantic wedding room with a flat of 62 after 80s

The overall cost of the dining space: 6000-6500 yuan

Living room effect comment: All the space originally designed as a guest restaurant is planned as a living room, so after putting down a larger and more comfortable corner sofa, the entire living room still looks very spacious. The red brown floor, red fabric sofa and red lampshade fully express the marriage The romantic atmosphere of the room.

Restaurant effect comment: The dining room for two people does not need to be very large, so after merging the dining space into the living room, only a retractable shelf dining table is made on the wall near the kitchen, with simple two high chairs The table for two is sweet. >>> View all pictures of this case

Living room main configuration one: sofa

In both cases, fabric sofas are selected, and the prices are relatively economical. The red sofa has a wedding room atmosphere, but the gray sofa is more suitable for daily use; the L-shaped sofa with chaise couch is more functional. It is recommended to choose L-shaped sofa.

Case one: sofa: four-seat three-seat fabric sofa (multi-color optional), 3200 yuan

Case 2: Choose sofa: small-sized cloth software corner sofa, 4798 yuan

Living room main configuration two: coffee table

The coffee tables used in the two cases are similar in appearance, but the difference is that one is made of pine and the other is chipboard, and the price difference is also large.

Case 1: Use coffee table: IKEA Camus Pine coffee table, 699 yuan

Case 2: Select coffee table: IKEA Lak coffee table, 199 yuan

Living room main configuration three: TV cabinet

In both cases, wall-mounted and floor-mounted models are used. Relatively speaking, the wall-mounted TV cabinet is more stylish and lighter, and the price is more economical, but the capacity is smaller and cannot be moved, which has advantages and disadvantages.

Case 1: TV cabinet: simple white wall-mounted TV cabinet (customizable), 358 yuan

Case 2: Select TV cabinet: custom-made panel furniture TV cabinet, 580 yuan

Living room main configuration four: ceiling light

Relatively gorgeous crystal lights, Chinese red chandeliers with hollow patterns can create a festive wedding room atmosphere, and the price is more affordable.

Case 1 choose ceiling lamp: simple living room crystal lamp, 399 yuan

Case 2: Select ceiling light: Chinese red ceramic chandelier, RMB 83

Living room main configuration five: cloth decoration

Using cloth to decorate the interior is a very good way of expressing style. For the living room with a small window like in the second case, you can use carpets, sofa cushions and other cloth to decorate the interior.

Case one uses curtains: modern wedding room high-end living room curtains, RMB 54.75 / m

Case 2: Choose a floor mat: cotton handmade floor mat, 68 yuan

The main configuration of the restaurant: dining table and chairs

Although the first case is a complete set of dining tables and chairs, and the second case is only two stools, the prices of different products with different materials and styles are also relatively large, and netizens can choose at their discretion.

Case one chooses dining table and chair: simple dining table and chair (can be customized), 198 yuan

Case 2: Dining table and chair: Mediterranean bar stool, 200 yuan / hand

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