The common imposition method in the printing factory

People in the printing industry understand the imposition, and not the printing industry knows less. In fact, the print imposition is the process of merging some completed single files into a suitable printing layout on the machine. Next, let's introduce common imposition methods.

1. Transverse type: commonly known as "self-reflection", "turning on version", suitable for magazines, books and other printed matter, such as a 16-page magazine cover, divided into one seal, two seals, three seals, four seals The four layouts need to be printed. When the imposition is completed, the seals are sealed together with the seals four, the seals two and the seals three, and then the seals one and four, the seals two and the ends are spelled together in a four open. Printing on the layout, after one side of the printing is completed, the paper is turned 180 degrees, and the printing is continued on the reverse side. After the printing is completed, the printed matter is cut in the middle and two identical prints can be obtained.

2. Flip type: After printing on one side of the paper using the same printing plate, the back side of the paper is reversed to print the back side, but the other long side of the paper is used as the "bite edge". This method is commonly referred to as a "fighting bucket," but few people use it anymore.

3. One-sided: This approach refers to those prints that only need to print one side, such as a poster, etc., only need to print the front side, and the back side does not need to print.

4. Double-sided type: commonly known as the "bottom version", refers to both positive and negative sides need to print the printed matter, such as some small flyers, small posters, cards and so on.

Different requirements of the printed matter require different imposition methods, the appropriate imposition method can optimize the process, save costs and reduce labor intensity. On the contrary, it is less effective and more laborious. Therefore, everyone in the printing industry should choose the appropriate imposition method for the printed matter.

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