How to choose the right brown mattress for your own

Mountain brown mattresses are generally classified into three types: soft mattresses, hard mattresses, and soft and hard mattresses. The store's shopping guide said that the soft brown is warmer and suitable for winter use; the hard brown is more breathable and refreshing, suitable for summer use.

The brown mattress made of natural raw materials must undergo a complete set of technical treatments to make the brown mattress have the advantages of breathability, anti-corrosion, anti-insect and mildew. The triangular brown fiber used in "hard brown" is a natural coconut shell brown silk which is moderately extracted and screened. The brown silk is curled and interwoven into a body-like structure by mechanized processing, and it is combined with natural latex to form a certain amount of cushioning force. The mesh structure is soft and soft; the "soft brown" is elastic brown fiber, and the process is more. In addition to the process of triangular brown fiber, the curly brown fiber is arranged in a three-dimensional network to form a pure and silent structure. Natural plant fiber springs, more than 60,000 venting holes per square meter, are ventilated and permeable, and are more resistant to moisture, which is more suitable for the southern climate. Compared with the two, soft brown is more comfortable, but the cost is higher.

In addition, the coolness and comfort of the mountain brown mattress depends on its thickness. Some of the previous coir mattresses were mostly hard mattresses. With the technical improvement of the past two years, coir mattresses can also make mattresses with different elasticity. In several mattress stores, it is known that the size and thickness of coir mattresses can be customized according to customer requirements, of which 12 cm is the common standard thickness.

At present, the domestic mountain palm mattress market has two kinds of coconut palm and mountain brown. The quality of the brown mattress is mainly determined by the glue used. According to reports, the adhesive used in high-quality mattresses is natural latex, while the inferior ones use chemical adhesives, so the mattress will taste. So be sure to smell it when you buy a brown mattress.

How to choose a mountain brown mattress:

1. Coconut palm and goat palm should be separated. At present, the brown mattresses on the market are divided into coconut palm and mountain brown. The two sources are different and the performance is different. The mountain brown is a sheath fiber of palm which is born in the mountain. It is resistant to water and corrosion, and has excellent elasticity and toughness. The coconut palm is the skin of the coconut produced on the tropical coast and the river bank. Its elasticity and toughness are poor. Containing sugar, generally only thick ropes, woven mats, brooms and filling materials.

2, to buy a license. There are many brands on the market that make mattresses made from mountain brown, but many of them are produced in small family-style workshops. They do not consider the elasticity, comfort, hardness and corresponding hygiene of the mattress. Claim.

3, choose a soft hardness suitable for your own mattress. If the mattress is too hard and too soft, it will cause the spine and the soft tissue in the vicinity to be excessively squeezed or twisted, hindering the normal flow of blood. Therefore, when purchasing a mattress, you should pay attention to whether the hardness of the mattress is suitable for you. You must compare it yourself, not be confused by gorgeous fabrics and eye-catching decorations.

4, 12 cm mattress is more suitable. The mountain brown mattress is expensive in the production process, not the amount of raw materials. A thickness of 12 cm is the most economical option for comfort.

5. Choose fabrics based on the level of consumption you can afford. The price difference of brown mattresses of different fabrics is very different. The cheapest polyester/cotton cotton is relatively expensive. The average consumer can choose pure cotton fabric, which is comfortable and beautiful, and the price is not too expensive.

Characteristics of the mountain brown mattress:

1. Green and environmental protection. The biggest advantage of the mountain palm mattress is that it is green and beneficial to human health. The mountain palm mattress is made of 100% natural mountain brown, which is cool and breathable, quiet and silent, and has long-lasting elasticity. There is no metal fatigue and elastic loss in the spring, and it will not cause magnetic field and meet environmental protection requirements.

2, more secure and reliable. The mountain brown mattress does not use PU foam, but instead uses expensive natural rubber and all-natural mountain brown and pure cotton cloth instead of non-toxic and safe. There will be no hidden dangers of other types of mattresses in case of fire. .

3, in line with human body mechanics requirements. The mountain palm mattress can protect the body ridge, evenly support, and has good preventive and health effects on common diseases such as low back pain. At the same time, it can protect the normal development of bones, so it is very suitable for the elderly and developing children.

4, convenient for health. Generally, the mattress should not be washed frequently. It is easy to provide rich nutrients for breeding various kinds of bacteria, easy to worm and mildew. After the strict sterilization and deesterification treatment, the mountain palm mattress is not only harmless to the human body, but also has bacteria. Suppress function. The mattress cover of the mattress can also be taken off for dry cleaning and is convenient for hygiene.

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