Viewing the price from wooden door materials

Since the wooden door belongs to the functional façade of the living room, when the living environment is warm, the warmer color can be selected for the wooden door, such as cherry wood, teak, Sapele, and rosewood. When the living environment is cold, you should choose a lighter wooden door, such as white, southwest birch, maple, white shadow and so on. The wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture, and should be as consistent as possible with the window cover dumb (the current set door is equipped with a matching window cover dumb, skirting board, corner line), and the color of the wall should have a corresponding contrast. If a white wooden door is used, it is best to give the wall paint a color. The color of the ground should be the same as the coordination of the wooden door (such as cold and warm), but it is best not to be consistent. Prevent the ground from colliding with the wall and reduce the sense of space in the plane and facade of the room. Large, or sunny rooms, you can choose a darker black walnut to create a calmer atmosphere. Color itself is beautiful, there is no right or wrong, all in coordination, if you really do not mind, choose white, white is the most error-prone color.

In addition, some large door factories can now polish and color the wood color, which can greatly enrich the selected color system. You can also spend less money to get the color of noble wood species. For example, the color of the southwestern birch and the color of the ash can improve the grade, which is a very cost-effective choice. It is worth mentioning that some non-mainstream door colors have also been adopted in some hardcover projects. For example, the bold choice of pure black and gray for the extreme wooden doors has also been recognized by mainstream owners.

At present, the types and prices of wooden doors on the market are quite different. The price of high-grade wooden doors is several times that of ordinary wooden doors. According to the introduction of the wooden door technicians, the general form of wooden doors are plywood doors, panel doors, flat doors, wooden grille glass doors, antique lattice doors, and wooden metal lattice doors. The installation form includes a swing door, a sliding door, a shuttle door, a revolving door, and the like. The craft door can be divided into: wood color wooden door, miscellaneous wooden door, solid wood veneer door, veneer, teak, maple, ash, eucalyptus and so on.

Solid wood veneer door This kind of door adopts solid wood frame, and the veneer is made of maple, teak, eucalyptus, ash, and eucalyptus. Its characteristics are beautiful, generous, not easy to deform, and the price is relatively cheap.

The wood color wooden door is made of logs and directly processed with high quality. It is characterized by luxurious appearance, thick shape, high price and easy deformation.

In addition to its material is slightly inferior to the color of the log, the wooden door is basically the same as the wood color wooden door. The characteristics are beautiful, not easy to deform, and the price is lower than the wooden color wooden door.

The wooden grille glass door can be divided into: frosted glass lattice door, car side glass lattice door, flat glass lattice door, stained glass lattice door and so on.

The wooden metal lattice door has a modern decorative atmosphere and flavor, such as black metal molding lines, wood-colored door frames, and sinuous glass, which is an elegant and exquisite artwork.

The flat door has a long history, and its level and simplicity give people a sense of solidity. Its materials are teak, maple, ash, eucalyptus, etc. It is characterized by easy to clean, smooth and generous. It is usually used in the simple and simple home decoration.

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