Japanese discharge eye makeup charm without limit

Japanese discharge eye makeup, charm, no limit
Today, Xiaobian brings you the makeup skills of Japanese electric eye makeup. The smoky makeup created by eyeliner and eye shadow smudges can form a strong contrast with innocent eyes, and the blurred eyes are very tempting at any time~
Eye makeup:
Step1: The lower eye shadow is the focus of this eye makeup. Use dark brown or earthy color to make the effect of blooming under the lower eyeliner.
Step2: In terms of upper eye makeup, first draw an eye shadow in the eye pleat, and then use a liquid eyeliner to outline the eye shape.
Step3: Then use the light brown eye shadow to increase the lower eyeliner. Remember that the eye makeup is the key point!
Step4: Finally, use the false eyelashes to lengthen the tail of the eye to make the eye makeup more tempting.

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