How much is the practical and beautiful creative partition is the best tool for space division

Partition refers to the façade designed to separate indoor spaces, and the application is more flexible, such as partition walls, partitions, movable panels, movable screens, mobile partitions, mobile screens, mobile sound insulation walls, etc., derived from Japanese technology. The movable partition has the characteristics of easy installation, reusability, industrial production, fire prevention and environmental protection. Partitions are very common in life. Using partitions can divide our home into multiple small areas, making the whole home more concise. As everyone's needs are different now, many people like to customize glass partitions, so that they can be designed according to the actual situation in the home, and they are more harmonious with the overall style of the home. Well, now set to make much money off of it? Now that prices are rising, what about the price changes for custom glass partitions? Let me introduce to you how much it costs to make a partition !

Partition introduction

In the traditional sense, the so-called partition refers to the half-section that is less than the top of the interior space, and in the current decoration process, many physical partitions are served by furniture, etc. With the widespread use of the market, sliding door profiles, high partitions Profiles, inner door profiles, hanging rail folding door profiles, sealed door profiles, shower room profiles, and a variety of furniture and cabinet profiles, hardware accessories, etc. are more widely used in the market, generally traditional such as screens, display racks, Wine cabinets, such partitions can not only break the inherent pattern, distinguish the spaces of different natures, but also make the living room environment full of changes, realize the mutual communication between the spaces, and provide the living room with a greater space for the fusion of art and taste.


Mainly applicable to office buildings, office buildings, airports, schools, banks, convention centers, government agencies, securities, automobile exhibition halls, libraries, etc. It is also suitable for hotels, shopping malls, schools, multi-function halls, banquet halls, conference rooms, training rooms and other places.

Functions and features

① Green and environmentally friendly products. ②No pollution and no smell. ③Good sound insulation effect. ④Comply with national fire protection standards. ⑤Diversified color and luster, can be flexibly adjusted and combined to suit the required working space.

Specifications, models and dimensions of 65 models, 85 models, 100 models, ultra-high models.

The material, source and quality control of the equipment: â‘ Material 1. Common inner and outer profiles include hot-melt galvanized galvanized steel plate, aluminum alloy, etc. It has high elastic modulus, high strength, good toughness, high melting point, and can meet sound insulation. And fire protection requirements. 2. Surface decoration materials Surface decoration materials include glass and solid panels. The glass includes ordinary, toughened and bullet-proof glass, and the specifications and parameters are different, and it needs to be determined according to the characteristics of the place of use. Solid panels include porous gypsum board, carbonized lime board, concrete board, aluminum-plastic board and cement wood wool board. 3. Supporting materials Supporting materials include blinds, glass, hinges, hardware accessories, etc. â‘¡Quality control: Gemanlin's materials and products are subject to process inspection and quality control in strict accordance with ISO9001-2008 standards. At the time of product handover, the acceptor shall complete the acceptance of appearance and product model, specifications and quantity, and conduct product acceptance after installation.

Others: (1) The dimensions are correct and the material specifications are the same; (2) The walls are straight and square, smooth (3) Check the partition walls, use a 2 meter ruler to detect, the surface flatness error is less than 2 mm, and the verticality error Less than 3 mm, seam height difference is less than 0.5 mm. Matters needing attention: Office partition design and construction services are short-term projects, usually one worker can implement 7-8 square meters per day, a separate partition wall takes 2 days, according to the complexity of the wall, the construction cycle is different.

Partition classification

1. According to the material: steel partition, glass partition, aluminum alloy partition, wooden screen

2. According to usage: office partition, sanitary partition, living room partition, window partition

3. According to the shape: high partition, middle partition

4. According to the nature: fixed partition, mobile partition

How much is the partition

Custom glass partition-restaurant

First of all, I will introduce you to the Chinese custom glass partitions suitable for restaurants. From this customized glass partition picture, everyone can understand that the product mainly uses a combination of solid wood and glass to create a simple and warm dining environment for everyone. This custom-made glass partition has a simple combination of lines and jumps on the entire frosted glass, adding a smart charm to the entire room, making everyone more comfortable when dining. The solid wood on this custom glass partition matches the image on the ceiling in the private room, highlighting the unique charm of the Chinese style, which is loved by everyone. The price of this customized glass partition is around 5,000 yuan.

Custom glass partition-office

Custom glass partitions are very common in the office. Many companies use it to divide the entire large space into many small areas or parts, so that the entire office is more regular and tidy, and it is convenient for everyone to disturb each other at work. This custom-made glass partition is made of frosted glass on the lower part and tempered glass on the top. It has good lighting and makes the whole office very bright. This custom glass partition has several frosted glass stripes in the middle, which is simple and creative, showing the fashion in the modern style. The price of this custom glass partition is around 8,000 yuan.

Custom glass partition-living room

Then I will introduce you a very simple custom glass partition with a modern style. This custom-made glass partition is made of solid wood, which is strong and durable, and shows warmth under a light halo. This custom-made glass partition rationally uses space, and the simple design separates the living room from the dining area of ​​the dining room, making the home decoration more compact. This custom-made glass partition plays a good role between the living room and the dining room. The glass is simple and stylish, and the solid wood frame is exudes warmth, so that everyone can feel the dual feeling of Chinese and modern through this custom-made glass partition. The price of this customized glass partition is about 1,000 yuan.

Custom glass partition-bathroom one

From this customized glass partition effect picture, you can see that this is a more classic custom glass partition. This custom-made glass partition is made of frosted glass as a whole. It has a good shielding effect in the bathroom and is reasonably used in a small space. This custom-made glass partition is very harmonious with the entire bathroom, showing everyone a unique sense of harmony. This custom-made glass partition material is first-class and has a good heat dissipation effect, so that everyone does not need to worry about the heat generated when taking a shower. The price of this custom glass partition is around 3,000 yuan.

Custom glass partition-bathroom 2

Finally, I will introduce the custom glass partition that can be made into a bathroom. This custom-made glass partition is made of all-tempered glass, which is safe and reliable for cold and heat resistance. The designer also pays attention to details. It uses a surprise polished stainless steel handle and a high-quality aluminum frame to create a simple and stylish shower for everyone. room. This custom-made glass partition is clean and transparent, exuding a pure and natural aura, making people feel very comfortable and showing the unique taste of the owner. The price of a custom glass partition for this bathroom is around two thousand yuan.

Editor's summary: The above is how to make a partition. The practical and beautiful creative partition is the relevant introduction to the best tool for space division. I hope to help friends who have needs in this regard! For more related information, please continue to pay attention to our website, and more exciting content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia Mall to buy more products you like!

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