How is the Shangjian K7 treadmill?

How is the Shangjian K7 treadmill? The Shangjian k7 series is the first smart treadmill introduced by the Shangjian brand. After four years of research and development, the Shangjian Smart Treadmill was launched in early 2015. Once the product is launched, it is stable. The performance, higher cost performance, and affordable price are favored by consumers.

In order to ensure the quality, each Shangjian K7 machine has undergone multiple spot checks, manual debugging, to ensure that each machine is the best product, only packing and delivery, the error rate is reduced to 0%, the first batch of only production of 100 units, The listing was also sold out. The satisfaction rate of consumer feedback reached 99%. Shangjian did not speed up production as a result. The second batch and the third batch were still produced in order to ensure the quality of only 100 sets. The first batch of friends and relatives recommended the results. Models need reservations.

Shangjian K7 treadmill supports the national delivery to the downstairs, its 45CM standard home run belt width, 7-in-1 running board, silent noise reduction is more durable, wifi high-definition color screen, tour the wireless network world. Diamond strip running, non-slip is more durable. Gradient rise, 24 kinds of running mode, experience more sports fun. Holds the heart rate test and grasps the exercise intensity in real time. Price¥ 1499.00-2599.00, the 2014 winter brand.

How is the Shangjian K7 treadmill?

Some netizens made such a quality assessment after buying: treadmill atmosphere, treadmill quality is very good, super weight, affordable, and value for money.

There are also people who comment: elegant, cost-effective, compared to the Internet for the past three days finally bought this, and it really did not let me down! First, the appearance of a beautiful atmosphere, the second is a good service, the third is guaranteed, the fourth is to deliver, this fifth received the goods to know: good quality! The workmanship is very detailed and the functions are also complete. You can also watch TV series online. Photographed immediately after the merchant shipped, like one! Will definitely recommend to a friend to buy! Friends who are still hesitant to buy this one, really good!

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