Jiumu sanitary ware price is the benchmark for buying sanitary ware

As people's vision for decoration is getting higher and higher, the bathroom is more and more valued as a private space. In the case of chaotic prices in the bathroom industry, recognizing the brand first is the first price. Let's take a look at the Jiumu bathroom with the editor? What is the price of Jiumu bathroom ?

How about Jiumu bathroom

1. Introduction of Jiumu Sanitary Ware

Jiumu Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 in Quanzhou, Fujian, an economic zone on the west side of the Straits. Long-term focus on the R & D and production of kitchen and bathroom and supporting products High-tech enterprise ".

Second, the brand background

"JOMOO", a brand of Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom, is one of the most familiar kitchen and bathroom brands for consumers. Selected on the government green procurement list many times. "JOMOO" is transliterated into Chinese "Nine Mu".

3. After-sales service

Recently, Jiumu Kitchen & Bathroom is the first in the industry to advocate "e-commerce nationwide warranty service", combining online and offline services to achieve a new leap in the after-sales service of the kitchen and bathroom industry.

With the rapid increase in the number of Internet users and the formation of online consumption habits in recent years, the e-commerce market has become increasingly fierce, and services have gradually become the core competitiveness of e-commerce. The Jiumu e-commerce project has developed rapidly. Since its launch last year, the online sales channel has been continuously expanded and the results are gratifying.

For more than 20 years, Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom has effectively fulfilled the promise of "one-step quality, price and service" and won a good reputation from consumers. The “E-commerce nationwide warranty service” launched this time will further extend Jiumu ’s successful offline service experience to e-commerce, continue to improve the technicality and serviceability of online sales, and strive for a better shopping experience for consumers to ensure The legitimate rights and interests of e-commerce users are provided to provide consumers with fast, convenient and thoughtful satisfactory services.

It is reported that Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom has become the only brand in the industry due to its good after-sales service attitude, professional customer service, and professional advice to consumers. prize"

Nine Mu bathroom prices

Model: Jiumu Faucet 3275-050

Price: 218.00 yuan

Model: Jiumu shower head 3665-131

Price: 499.00 yuan

Model: Jiumu toilet 11129-1

Price: 999.00 yuan

Editor's summary: The above are some suggestions for the price of Jiumu bathroom provided by Qijia Decoration. If you still want to know related information, you can log in Qijia Decoration Network, more exciting content is on this website! Will answer you as soon as possible.

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