How to buy a hotel safe size specifications

As the number of economic and business exchanges in China is becoming more and more frequent, more people are either on the way to travel or at the destination of business travel. Hotel safe is an item provided by the hotel to ensure the safety of the valuables that guests carry with them, and is an indispensable item in the hotel room supplies. Therefore, it is very important for hotels and guests to choose a high-quality safe. How to keep these items? Hotel safes come in handy. It relieves the worries of those traveling abroad. Let's take a look at how to buy a hotel safe and the size of the hotel safe with the editor.

How to choose a hotel safe

First, the size of the safe. The size of the hotel room safe is generally less than 450mm, 320mm and 300mm, and it is fixed to the ground or wall by fixing devices such as expansion bolts, and it is not easy for thieves to move away. The inlaid anti-theft safe is inlaid in the wall and has certain concealment.

How to choose hotel room safe?

Second, the type of safe. Safes generally have mechanical, electronic, IC card and other forms. Generally, hotels will choose electronic safes, which are conducive to the simple and safe use of guests.

Third, carefully check the appearance of the product, check the appearance of the product from the workmanship, the degree of the joint of the door, whether the box is polished smoothly, the opening of the lock, and the safety performance.

Fourth, unpack the outer packaging and check whether the product itself is affixed with the CCC mark. If the CCC mark is affixed and it is not the fake CCC mark, it should be a safe in the true sense.

Fifth, it is best to buy safes from relatively well-known brands. A safe is a special product. When problems occur, a dedicated and professional after-sales service team is necessary to ensure that users have no worries at any time. After-sales service of well-known brands is generally in place.

Hotel safe size specifications

Due to the light weight of the hotel safe, it must be fastened to the wall or ground with screws before being put into use. Note: Fixing the hotel safe to certain walls or floors may affect the robustness of the walls or floors. You must consider the safety of the walls or floors before installation, and ensure that the walls or floors can effectively fasten hotel insurance Cabinet body, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk.

1. Cement substrate

Drill holes on the wall or the ground according to the installation size diagram, the hole diameter is 10mm; insert the expansion sleeve into the wall hole; fix the safe with expansion bolts.

2. Wooden substrate

According to the installation size diagram, the fixed hotel safe is directly fixed on the wooden substrate with external hexagon self-tapping screws.

3. Replace the battery

Open the box door, pry open the plastic battery box cover inside the box door, install four new size 5 (AA) batteries according to the polarity, and close the battery box cover.

Note: Alkaline batteries must be used to prevent battery fluid from damaging the battery compartment. Old and new batteries cannot be mixed together.

4. How to use external CEU

When the battery is low and the safe cannot work, you can use an external CEU to open the door. Insert the plug of the external CEU to the external socket at the bottom of the safe operation panel to realize the power supply to open the door. It can also be used to read 100 unpacking records of the safe.

Hotel safe maintenance, care and precautions:

Four 5 # (AA) alkaline batteries must be used. Please remove the batteries when not using them for a long time.

When you can't use the password to open the box, please use the mechanical emergency key to open the box.

If the safe fails, non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to unfold the safe at random, and should send it to the local repair service point for repair or directly contact our after-sales service center.

This product only plays a role in the storage of your items. Although we have tried our best to ensure the safety of this product, we do not ensure that the items you store in this product are absolutely safe. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to items stored in this product.

Technical specifications and performance are subject to change without notice.

Hotel Safe Warranty Regulations:

This product is guaranteed free for one year. Any failures caused by production process or component defects are covered by the warranty. The surface of the product is not covered by the warranty, such as scratches. Any fault caused by human or external factors is not covered by the warranty. For example, impact or knocking, or the user's unauthorized overhaul, will invalidate the warranty. Batteries and blankets that are consumables are not covered by the warranty.

Summary: Relevant information about how to buy hotel safes and the size specifications of hotel safes are introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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