Furniture purchases do not enter the four traps

The peak season of Jin Jiu Yin Shi’s home decoration has arrived again, and the whole country is immersed in the joy of big price reduction. How to keep the madness of the goods, do not enter the trap of buying? Let's take a look at the four traps of the most bluffing people.

Trap one: big sale! Jumping price! Clearance price!

big sale!

During the peak season of consumption, when you enter the building materials market and furniture plaza, are you attracted by banners such as “clearance reduction” and “the lowest price in the whole city”?

Why are some products light and easy to cut prices by half, even if the price is cut with you, full and reduced, and so on, is this really a good thing in the sky?

Big promotion advertising map

NO! Wake up. If you don't take advantage of it, you won't lose. Miscellaneous brand building materials often use the psychology of taking advantage of the price to open higher and lower, the discount is not affordable, in fact, cheaper, cheaper, big brands will rarely bargain.

Crack tricks: Don't be confused by discounts. When you buy, you can shop around and determine the reasonable price range of the product. The price is too high or too low to contain a certain amount of “moisture”. Promotional discounts for new stores are generally highly credible and can be carefully identified.

Trap 2: Online shopping is cheaper!

Double 11 home purchase

At home, I want to buy a product that can be delivered to my home. It is called a convenience! but! Is your online shopping really the same as what Ni received? Although online shopping is cheaper, many people buy the products for a short period of time after using them for a while, and find that the quality problems are difficult to solve, or the products that are sent over are not the right ones, and the troubles of various repairs and after-sales are extremely entangled!

Crack tricks: choose a guaranteed website to buy, it is best to be offline store website, before the order can go to the physical store and manufacturers to see the goods inspection. Pay more attention to the credibility of the store and the evaluation of the consumer, etc. If the price of the same furniture is very different, don't blindly choose the low price, depending on whether the product has a difference in material or whether it is a defective product.

Trap 3: Solid wood furniture is difficult to distinguish!

Solid wood or leather furniture? In the market, sheet metal veneers and plywood are only multi-layer board MDF. It is not uncommon to pretend to be high-grade solid wood after baking. It costs a lot of money but buys counterfeit goods. It really makes people feel sad! How can I buy real solid wood furniture and become a topic after people have a meal? Is it really so difficult?

Panel furniture and solid wood furniture

Crack tricks: solid wood furniture is divided into pure solid wood, solid wood, solid wood veneer, "General technical conditions for wood furniture" has a clear text, the need for more than 30% of solid wood materials can be called solid wood furniture, and natural pure solid wood is also used up to 90 % solid wood material. Don't be fooled by the merchant's "100% solid wood furniture". Before purchasing expensive solid wood furniture, the merchant should be required to indicate the name of the specification in the contract, write the name of the internationally-used wood and indicate the proportion of solid wood content contained in it, in order to protect its own interests.

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Trap 4: Custom furniture can only be repaired!

Custom furniture is good, but many people also eat dumb losses. Manufacturers design according to the needs of consumers, but if there are some deviations in the design, the final finished product effect and the previous renderings are very large, no matter to the manufacturers or consumers are very helpless.

customized furniture

Crack tricks: Before customization, users should first understand the quality standards related to specific products. When choosing a custom company, shop for goods. The contract must specify the material, color and size of the furniture. After the furniture is finished, check the materials. If you make a mistake, you will pay the other party’s final payment, avoiding the dispute of buying and selling, and arbitrarily agreeing that it is unclear.

Be prepared to avoid the traps and buy them with ease. When purchasing home products, you should grasp some "rules" to avoid the misunderstanding of consumption, in order to buy good things with good quality and low price.

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