Home improvement case four cloakroom design, function varies from person to person

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] More and more people realize that ordinary wardrobes no longer meet their storage needs, and the cloakroom can better store clothing in different categories. The design and function of the cloakroom vary from person to person. It is best to combine yourself. The design of the apartment is designed to help you get the best.

The first choice for the renovation of the young cloakroom

Built-in wardrobe

The main feature of the open cloakroom is that it solves all the problem of clothing storage in one area. It is more space-saving than the separate cloakroom, and it also speeds up the efficiency of finding supplies.

Luxury choice for large detached cloakroom

Free-standing wardrobe

The stand-alone storage unit is a cloakroom form with the most complete storage and storage effect in the home. It opens up a special room and adds more margin to the storage of the clothes. It is the first choice for large-sized storage.

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