How to do skin care tips, how to do skin care tips to help you

In the sun, we often have skin troubles such as uneven skin tone. Most of the characteristics of uneven skin tone appear in the forehead, nose, and cheeks near the ear, which are prone to appear darker in other areas. But what about the uneven skin tone ? This requires us to gradually improve through some skin care tips !

How to do uneven skin tone, skin care tips to help you

1. Use a micro-exfoliating lotion to make the essence more fully absorbed

The slightly exfoliating lotion removes the sedimentary cuticle from our skin and clears the pores to enhance the absorption of the essence, so that after applying the bright white essence, the effect can be better and more thorough.

2. Use massage to enhance skin's gloss

Choose a lotion with high moisturizing and high stretchability, combined with massage techniques, not only can the skin care products absorb better, but also the whitening effect will be more significant. After the skin is massaged, the elasticity and gloss will be better. After the circulation, the pigmentation of the skin will be improved.

3. Insufficient skin tone with touch-up products

A sunscreen lotion with a touch-up effect that provides both sun protection and even skin tone.

Purple: Suitable for yellowish skin to make the skin look shiny.

Green: The skin color effect is very good. It is a versatile color. It can adjust the uneven skin tone. It can also cover the face and make the skin look smooth. Even the reddish or acne-prone skin can be adjusted with green. Its whitening effect is also more obvious than the purple cream, but it can't be painted too much.

Yellow: An artifact that brightens the complexion. It instantly imparts a radiance to the skin, perfect for masking light pink spots.

Pink: In terms of color correction, the words “universal” and “all-round” are pink, but they are well deserved. Pink, all on the cheeks, eyes, lips, etc. Apply a little pink makeup lotion or concealer to the ends of your eyes to create a radiant glow.

White: often with photosensitive particles, can increase the skin's luster and three-dimensionality.

4. The whitening secret on the tip of the tongue

Fruits rich in vitamin C eat bright white skin every day.

Eat more white food: lily, almonds, glutinous rice.

Whitening supplementary foods on the market, timing and quantification will also have a certain effect. >>>How the skin controls oil cleaning and moisturizing is essential

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