Constant temperature and humidity test box entry operation tutorial

The operation procedure of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is as follows:
First, the pre-operation check 1, the power supply is properly connected according to the specifications, and is indeed grounded;
2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the water tank and do not exceed the maximum water mark;
3. Hang the wet gauze with the humidity sensor and the lower end into the wet ball slot (wet the wet ball gauze before hanging);
4. Check whether the setting of the temperature limiter is correct. The value of the upper limit temperature alarm value should be higher than the highest temperature of the test. The value of the lower limit temperature alarm value should be lower than the lowest temperature of the test to be -10 degrees.
5. The test sample is placed in the test chamber. The total volume of the test sample cannot exceed 1/3 of the total volume of the inner box.
2. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber operation steps 1. Plug in the power supply and turn on the main power switch;
2. Turn on the power switch indicator, select the running mode, then set the desired temperature point, humidity point and constant time in the meter, and finally click the “Run” button, and press the “Execute” button in the next confirmation message box. ;
3. During the test, the lighting can be turned on to check the operation of the box;
4. After the test is naturally stopped according to the specified time, the power supply should be turned off in time to make the test box systems static.
5. The sample can be taken out when the temperature inside the box is close to room temperature.
3. After the end of the test 1. Clean up the dirt and foreign objects in the test area;
2. Drying test area;

3. Turn off the main power switch.

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