Chengdu Furniture Opens the Simulation Home Environment in the Curtain Exhibition Hall

Today, the fifteenth Chengdu International Furniture Fair was grandly opened at the New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Century City, opening the first show of the exhibition “One Exhibition and Two Phases” (the first phase of the finished furniture exhibition was held from July 3rd to 6th; The second phase of production equipment and raw and auxiliary materials exhibition will be held from July 12th to 15th, and the “one exhibition and two phases” will achieve the largest scale of previous Chengdu furniture exhibitions.

In addition to the large scale of the exhibition, there are many domestic first-line brands to release new products in the finished furniture exhibition, as well as high-end forums in the industry to discuss the development of the Chinese furniture industry... Whether it is pavilions, products or activities, there are bright spots everywhere. On July 5th and 6th, it is the “Popular Hot Sale Day” of Chengdu Furniture Fair. The main venue of Chengdu Furniture Fair will be fully open to the public. It is recommended that people who want to see new furniture to buy new furniture will be preferred on July 5th and 6th. Public transportation.

Look style

Unique shape

Ancient Roman antique castle

In the annual furniture exhibition, in addition to the products in the exhibition, the appearance design of the exhibition hall is also exhausted, and the exhibition halls that cost millions of decoration are everywhere. This year, the special installation rate of the first-stage finished products will be 100%, and the featured exhibition halls will naturally be quite a lot. The Emperor's standard home in Hall 7 adopts a grand and atmospheric design style. The ancient Roman antique castle blends modern fashion elements and carries a rich historical and cultural heritage. Looking for inspiration for home decoration, you may wish to check out the special show at the show.

Look at the space

Warm home

Simulated home environment in the exhibition hall

How to integrate many product lines into one exhibition hall? Gujia Home adopts the unified platform design concept popular in the automotive industry nowadays. The appearance is uniform, and the gimmick is outlined in red. It can be flexibly adjusted according to each product line under the red 楣 line, which is both overall and independent. The interior design of the pavilion simulates the home environment and combines the popular home colors to create a small and comfortable space.

Look at the design

"Creative 茧" debut

Focus on new concept software furniture

Today, this year's Chengdu Furniture Exhibition's original home design theme display area - "Creative 茧" is also open in Hall 1, with a display area of ​​500 square meters. This "creative 茧" was jointly created by the organizing committee and everyone from the Western International Furniture Materials Purchasing Center. More than 100 works of more than 20 domestic well-known furnishings design institutes competed on the same stage, which will definitely give the audience a special surprise. "This time, 'creative 茧' is based on soft furniture. The work is designed to be incubating, both from the design concept and the material." The relevant person in charge said. Two days after the furniture exhibition, on July 5th and 6th, the citizens can visit and experience the creative soft furniture that integrates the cutting-edge design concept.

Watch the trend

a sofa

Create a "magic living room"

Chengdu Furniture Fair is the “preferred platform for domestic furniture trade in China”. The annual exhibition is a good time for exhibitors to sign orders. The products brought by them are brand classic products or new products.

This year, the "Hollywood Magical Living Room" sofa brought by Gujia Home can be turned into a double bed or a single bed in one second, which saves space and is fashionable. In addition, the latest 1936 "Awakening" series sofa designed by famous teachers, and the full leather soft bed like FI racing car will also be unveiled at this year's furniture fair.

See technology

Material can be recycled

Reuse beautiful and environmentally friendly

The design of the exhibition hall of Xinhongyang Industrial Xinyue Home fully reflects the environmental protection elements. The façade is constructed with the construction method. The triangular elements act as a rich and constitutive unit to interpret the ever-changing rich material expressions. It can be disassembled and reused, environmentally friendly and beautiful. . Walking inside the exhibition hall will give customers a more comfortable viewing experience.

Look at the trend

Pioneer furniture

Released 2014

Pioneer Furniture will launch a new modern Chinese-style wood furniture in the exhibition period - the upgraded version of the Shui Ting series of Shuimu Love Rhyme, which is the pioneering furniture of 2014, which has achieved its appearance, structure, environmental protection, practicality and cost performance. Perfectly balanced, it has become a trend product for the development of Chinese wood (wood) furniture. In addition, the “Nest Flow” mix and match series created by Pioneer Furniture will also be unveiled at the Furniture Fair, truly realizing the luxury route of furniture fashion, trend and fashion.

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