The embedded wardrobe is stunning and the mind is hand-made to create a love home.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] embedded cabinet storage can be everywhere, the walls of the living room can be designed into bookshelves, the walls of the kitchen become cabinets, the wardrobe of the bedroom is perfectly invisible, and the bathroom can be stored without the cabinet, under the stairs. The space can be decorated and stored. These five corners save you half of the space, and is there a more ingenious design?

Built-in wardrobe design

The living room wall can also be used as a bookcase

The white storage cabinet embedded in the wall is simple and stylish. The top of the cabinet is used to store small items, which can be decorated and stored. The lower cabinet can store larger items and expand the space for the whole living room.

Built-in wardrobe storage

Built-in cabinet storage improves space practicality

The bright blue storage cabinet makes people's eyes shine, and the embedded storage makes the kitchen an efficient and practical space, which not only satisfies the storage of sundries, but also greatly improves the practicality of the space.

Home storage

Concealed wardrobe invisible storage

The use of a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom to accommodate a separate wardrobe is an ultimate storage method. The sliding door acts as a partition and becomes the invisible coat of the closet, so the hidden wardrobe is really interesting and chic.

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