I hope to hear the four-character 诀 购 purchase environmentally friendly furniture

Hope: Look at the material and find the sign.

When buying furniture, you should pay attention to whether the furniture is made of solid wood or artificial board. Generally, solid wood furniture is less likely to cause pollution indoors. In addition, you should check whether there is a nationally recognized "green product" mark on the furniture. All furniture with this logo can be purchased and used with confidence.

Smell: Be careful of irritating odors.

When choosing furniture, you must open the furniture and smell if there is a strong irritating smell. This is the most effective way to determine whether the furniture is environmentally friendly. If the irritating odor is large, it proves that the plate used in the furniture contains a lot of free formaldehyde, which will pollute the indoor air and endanger your health.

Q: To understand the strength of the factory.

When you are bargaining with the sales staff, don't forget to ask if the furniture meets the national environmental protection regulations and whether there is relevant certification. In addition, you can find out about the furniture manufacturers, the furniture produced by the well-known brands and powerful manufacturers, the pollution problem is relatively small.

Cut: Touch the furniture to have a bottom.

Touch the edge of the furniture is tight, the moisture content of the material is too high. Because the strict edge sealing will seal the free formaldehyde in the plate, it will not pollute the indoor air; the furniture with too high moisture content will not have quality problems, and will increase the release rate of formaldehyde. In addition, if the furniture you purchased has already polluted the interior, in addition to indoor ventilation, you can also purchase some "formaldehyde adsorbents" to eliminate the formaldehyde released into the air by the furniture.

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