Yijing Lijia International Building Materials Home Plaza leads home shopping new fashion

Building materials and furniture began from the earliest greenhouse-style stores. At that time, the overall industry format was in a decentralized, small-scale, and extensive mode of operation. Later, as consumers increased their home quality, the store era gradually replaced the greenhouse-style model. The household industry has gradually entered the stage of marketization. Consumers have begun to pay attention to the quality and brand of products, and there have been high-end forms of professional markets such as furniture city, ceramic city and building materials city.

However, today, with the enhancement of consumers' ability to analyze information, as the demand for higher quality of material life in Zaozhuang citizens increases, and the demand for quality of life such as home environmental protection increases, the weaknesses of these markets are exposed. The layout is unreasonable, the categories are not complete, the services are not in place, the after-sales service is not guaranteed, and even some merchants make consumers feel bad reputation. In addition, with the acceleration of the pace of consumer life, time has become an important consideration, so the one-stop service of the home shopping mall is bound to emerge. As the leader in the home industry, China's high-end building materials and furniture integrators, Yijing Lijia International Building Materials Home Plaza in order to truly achieve one-stop shopping, better service to Zaozhuang consumers, create Yijing Lijia high-end home stores To bring the one-stop shopping in the true sense to Zaozhuang and bring it to the citizens of Zaozhuang.

Starting with consumers, close to consumers

What is a one-stop shopping? For the home industry, one-stop shopping is the overall home mode, which is to promote the development of building materials and furniture by integrating the upstream and downstream of the home industry chain. The entire industry participates in market competition in the form of an ecological circle to serve consumers, maximizing consumers' time saving and saving money.

First of all, the advantage of one-stop shopping is reflected in its overall size. A certain scale advantage can fully display all kinds of products that consumers need, in order to truly ensure that consumers can purchase the homes they need in one place. Items can ensure that consumers have more choices, so that consumers have the choice to be a true one-stop shopping.

Yijing Lijia International Building Materials Home Plaza promotes international consumption, fashion, health and leisure of home consumption, and touches the trend of international home culture. It mainly focuses on high-end building materials, furniture and other household products, and sets up a boutique building fashion hall and a healthy sleep experience center. More than 40 categories, such as imported building materials living hall, dream children's furniture Xintiandi, boutique solid wood home, fashion home life experience hall, mahogany statue art museum, Louvre European and American furniture hall, soft art life museum, etc. It will become the highest-grade and largest-scale home real experience shopping and leisure center in Lunan.

Under the new situation, Yijing Lijia International Building Materials Home Plaza will bring new hope and market vitality to the entire Zaozhuang and Lunan home furnishing industry. Really giving consumers tangible benefits is the unremitting pursuit of Yi Jingli's family. The luxurious opening of Yijing Lijia International Building Materials Home Plaza is worth looking forward to.

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