The rise of plastic wine bottle packaging market

Plastic bottle packaging has become more and more popular in recent years, and more and more homemade brewed liquors have begun to use plastic bottles. This is mainly because people gradually understand and accept plastic bottle packaging. At the same time, compared with plastic bottle packaging, glass bottle packaging has its own advantages in packaging.

According to the data from Zhonghua Packaging, the orders for plastic bottles have grown significantly. As the liquor market entered the adjustment period, liquor bottle packaging began to become more reasonable from the trend of tending to high-grade. In the middle and low-end liquor market where packaging costs are increasingly sensitive, the introduction of plastic bottles began. The market share of plastic bottles has also been continuously improved. At the same time, polyester plastic bottles have been widely used in the field of beer bottles. In foreign countries, plastic beer bottles occupy a large share in the beer bottle packaging market. Although the domestic plastic beer bottle market has not been opened at present, the advantage of plastic beer bottles is obvious, and the market application is believed to be just around the corner.

Plastic wine bottles are also worth looking forward to in wine and rice wine packaging.

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