Four principles to pay attention to when buying furniture

【Abstract】The four principles to pay attention to when buying furniture Today's furniture has changed dramatically compared with a few years ago. But when faced with furniture of various materials, colors and sizes, you can't help but feel dizzy: What kind of furniture should I buy? Guosen Fatifen Furniture

First, "one step in place" or "will be a while"
Generally speaking, people have the desire to purchase a complete set of furniture after they have a larger living room and have been decorated and decorated. However, after the renovation, it was the family economy that was relatively tense. Many families wanted to “get in one step”. In fact, the furniture was always bought “will be” and did not give people the feeling of “in place”. Such a "will", may be 5 to 10 years; on the contrary, after moving to a new home, do not buy new furniture, it will be 2 to 3 years, there is a buffer in the economy, you can choose the ideal Furniture.
Second, the pursuit of comfort can not forget the "size"
Today's homes have a tendency to grow in size, especially imported furniture. Large furniture is comfortable and functional, but the reality of the working class is that the living room is generally small. Therefore, when you buy furniture, it is best to bring a home plan size chart and a tape measure, measure the actual size of the furniture, draw it into the room to see if it is appropriate.
Third, with large road goods or a small set of fine furniture will undoubtedly make the interior look harmonious, but a set of bedroom or living room furniture is as small as seven or eight thousand, more than two or three thousand, for the average family, not a small number. The resulting contradiction is that the limited amount of money in the hands is either buying one or two pieces of high-end furniture or buying a set of mid-range furniture. How is it good? At this time, you should abide by the principle of “should be less, but be finer”, and use limited funds to buy the urgently needed products.
Fourth, positioning between luxury and simplicity Some people think that the bright color of the furniture is luxurious enough, but now urban people in the crowded environment, more pursuit of return to the truth. Therefore, the choice of furniture should focus on the natural wood grain furniture of matt wood color. In this way, the eyes can relax and rest in the room. For example, the company's new walnut series furniture is more suitable for the working class in terms of cost performance and appearance; and another Conraden series furniture is designed to be a simple beauty, which is more suitable for urban people's needs. As for luxury, it can be reflected in household appliances and soft decoration, such as curtain fabrics, bedding, carpets, wall paintings, and crafts in the shelf.

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