Simple treatment method for white wooden door to turn yellow

With the prevalence of modern home decoration style, many consumers choose the bedroom door as a white solid wood door. Although the white solid wood door is nice compared to other wooden doors, it is beautiful and has a good home improvement effect, but many consumers have used it for a while. After the time, the white wooden door turned yellow. What is going on?

How to deal with the yellowing of white wooden doors

There are two reasons for the yellowing of white solid wood doors. The first reason is that the quality of the paint used by the solid wood door manufacturers is not good. The second is that the consumers are not well maintained when they are used. For these two phenomena, consumers You should choose between the choice and the maintenance.

The paint used by regular solid wood door manufacturers is a high-grade brand paint. This paint will not only turn yellow, but the paint will not crack and fall off after using it for more than ten years. Therefore, consumers want to choose solid wood doors that are not yellow. It is necessary to find out what kind of paint is the paint chosen by the wooden door manufacturer.

Consumers should regularly wax the wooden door when using white solid wood doors, and do not wipe with a wet rag on the door leaf. This can effectively ensure that the white solid wood door will not turn yellow. These selection methods and maintenance techniques are generally known to insiders. Officially announced today is to let consumers choose quality solid wood doors.

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