[Wardware maintenance] How to maintain the white baking varnish?

[Chinese Wardrobe] [Difficulties] I bought a set of white painted wardrobes . What should I pay attention to when using them? What kind of cleaning agent does the stains use? The table is also white. Will it be oily after a long time?

[Question] How to maintain the white baking varnish?

【Best answer】

●Tea cleaning method

The painted wardrobe is stained with dust, and it can be wiped with gauze wrapped with slightly wet tea leaves, or scrubbed with a dry cloth dampened with cold tea, which will make the wardrobe particularly bright and bright. But after wiping the furniture with tea, remember to wipe the tea clean with a slightly damp rag with clear water. Because tea usually has tea stains, the residue on the surface of the paint will affect the original color of the furniture.

●milk cleaning method

If the milk is out of date, don't drink it, don't throw it away, you can use it to maintain the furniture. Use a clean rag to soak in the milk, then use this rag to wipe the wooden furniture such as the table, and remove the dirt. Finally, remember to wipe it again with water, otherwise there will be milk residue in the milk. This method is suitable for a variety of leather, lacquer, marble, Baoli board and other furniture.

● Beer cleaning method

Take about 1400 ml of light-colored beer and boil, add 14 g of sugar and 28 g of beeswax, stir well and mix well. After the mixture is cooled, wipe it with a soft cloth and wipe the wood. After the stains are wiped clean, wipe off the residue with water and dry with a soft dry cloth.

●White vinegar cleaning method

Gently rub the surface of the furniture with white vinegar and hot water in a ratio of 1:1. If the stain is difficult to remove, let the vinegar water stay on the smudge surface and rub it with a soft cloth. Because acetic acid softens the dirt and removes it from the furniture surface. This method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture, as well as other furniture that is contaminated by ink stains.

●Lemon cleaning method

If the wood that has been polished or varnished is accidentally burned by hot heat, you can use a lemon slice or a rag with a lemon juice, then wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in hot water. Dry it quickly with a dry soft cloth to restore the original light.

●Toothpaste cleaning method

The white paint on the surface of the wardrobe will be yellow for a long time, not only looks old, but also feels very unclear.

You can use a rag to gently apply toothpaste or toothpaste on it. Using the bleaching effect of the toothpaste, the color of the wardrobe paint can turn from yellow to white. However, do not rub hard when wiping, because the friction agent in the toothpaste powder will rub the paint off, which will damage the surface of the wardrobe.

● Egg white cleaning method

After a long time, there are several dirt on the white leather sofa at home, which is particularly stubborn and makes people have a headache. At this time, you can take a proper amount of egg white, use cotton cloth to pick up, and repeatedly wipe the dirty surface of leather products such as leather sofas. This method is particularly effective for the cleaning of leather products, and the egg white has a certain polishing effect, and the leather will have an original luster after use.

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