It is the last word to share the quality of furniture purchase methods.

The renovation of the new house will take a few months of tossing. After the renovation, with excitement, we will start to add the furniture we like to enrich our warm new home. All kinds of furniture are dazzling, and it is often easy to get lost. The original furniture can make us buy with confidence. What kind of furniture is the best quality and safety? Xiao Bian reminds you to pay attention to carefully check out the advantages and disadvantages in the process of purchasing furniture!

Method 1: Dry wood moisture testing of wood furniture. Water content exceeding the rated standard can easily lead to furniture deformation. Therefore, consumers should use their hands to feel the wetness of the underside of the furniture or the unpainted area when purchasing wood furniture. If it is, it should not be purchased.

Method 2: Carefully check that the furniture is ideal. Many merchants sell their tofu slag engineering furniture to the consumers with their conscience, but smart consumers will mobilize various senses to identify the pros and cons. For example, if there are insects or foaming in the wood, it means that the wood is not dried thoroughly. Therefore, the insect eye will become bigger after a long time, and the quality is of course not good, so it is not suitable for purchase. In addition, Zhihuijia decoration reminds everyone to remember to open the cabinet door, drawers, etc. to see if the internal materials are decaying.

Method 3: Visually observe whether the four corners of the furniture are flat and the structure is firm. You can sway the furniture on a flat surface and you will know the answer. For example, if you want to check the stability of the sofa, you can go up and do it, shake it and hear if there is any sound, whether it is active or soft.

Method 4: Check if the edging, edge sealing, etc. are strict. If the furniture is not tightly sealed, the material inside is definitely wet, and it will definitely fall off after a long time. Consumers should pay attention to observe whether the edge banding is rounded when inspecting. It is best not to buy other shapes. If it is sealed with wooden strips, it is easy to crack, tidal, etc.; if it is wrapped with a plywood and then nailed with nails, then pay attention to observe whether all the nails are flat and the color is consistent.

Method 5: If you want to buy furniture with mirrors, you must pay attention to whether the mirror has deformation and color. Also pay attention to see if there is any liner and back on the back of the mirror, if not unqualified.

Method 6: If the furniture is painted, check if the paint is smooth and free of wrinkles. Chengdu Decoration Company reminds consumers that if you choose a soft bed, you should pay attention to the softness and hardness. In short, you must sleep comfortably. You can press the button by hand to see if the spring makes a sound and the layout is unreasonable.

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