128 kinds of wood species commonly used in the Chinese market

 No. Wood name misleading name, used name 1 hard maple maple, red shadow 2 soft maple maple 3 Ren lacquer rosewood, Indonesian rosewood, sandalwood rosewood 4 heavy shield seed wood ivory wood 5 red shield seed wood gold red sandalwood 6 桤木缅甸榉木7 Birch cherry wood 8 heavy ant wood rosewood, red sandalwood, green heart 葳 、, Laqiu 9 ant wood rosewood, Yibei 10 hard silk kapok 11 omegan wood African teak 12 double male Sumu Tibetan green sandalwood 13 Iron Sumu Golden Sandalwood, Golden Ivory, Color Ivory 14 Red Sumu Rhodesian Teak, Zambian Redwood 15 Short Covered Bean Ancient Pomelo, Emperor Dragon Wood 16 Nan Nanguo Mumu Yumu, Ruby Wood 17 Picking Asian Wood Teak King, Grangi 18 double-column Sumumei pomelo, South American red sandalwood, Guyana teak 19 wooden pods Sumu 20 Guyi Sumu Kabinjia, Hong Guibao, Brazilian pear 21 孪 leaves Sumu Brazilian teak, Mei pomelo, Jiatoba, South American mahogany 22 merbau Iron pear, fake mahogany, Bologna 23 big Ganban Bean gold does not change, Mengerisi 24 Ganba Bean gold does not change, steel cypress wood, Nanyang mahogany, Kangbas 25 small shoes pigeon zebra zebra 26 purple heart Sumu violet 27 heavy oil Nan 28 Ke Kumujinkemu 29 Gingerbread Wood 30 Chestnut Brownberry Walnut, Black Walnut Mao ren Ren Bean 31 桠 桠 桠 32 32 32 32 32 33 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 33 龙 龙 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 Base iron pomelo, iron sandalwood 37 heavy yellow scorpion double-leaf wood, balau, jade sandalwood, pomelo sandalwood, golden silk sandalwood 38 heavy red 双 双 double jade sandalwood, pomelo sandalwood, red tip, balu, diamond sandalwood 39 white 双 双 双 双 双 双白柳桉40 黄娑罗双黄柳桉41 Crimson 双双双红柳桉42 娑罗香43 Green skin 44 Persimmon wood 45 Rubber wood oak 46 Good peas Dalbergia, Dragon and Phoenix Tan, Suya Red Tan 47 Baodi Bean Flower Tan, Ebony, South American Peach Tan Walnut 48, two-winged bean, yellow sandalwood, dragon and phoenix sandalwood, Suya red sandalwood 49, yadou wood chicken wing wood 50, balsam, red bean sandalwood, 51 South American red bean wood, 52, mung bean teak king, 53 rosewood mahogany, large fruit rosewood 54 Asian pear pear, Corso 55 red iron pigeon beans 56 Cyclobalanopsis elm, beech 57 red oak, red oak, red oak 58 white oak, white oak, white oak 59 iron wood 60 fragrant tea musk, daru 61 bud Tree 62 Pecan Black Walnut 63 Iron Elm 64 Pontianak Iron Elm Ironwood, Beilian, Pontianak Purple King Kong 65 Hot Beautiful 66 Fine-hole Green Heart 樟67 Green Heart 樟68 Windmill Yurui 69 Fibrous Yurui Tengchunchun, Tao Ali, Nanmei Pomelo, Yurui 70 Mulian Bainan, Huangnan, White Ivory 71 Bailan 72 Milan Rice Seed Orchid 73 Artichoke Mirage Wood, Sapele 74 African 楝 75 Tube-shaped African 楝 Sapele, Phantom Wood 76 Kaya 楝 77 Tiger Spot 楝 78 Mahogany 79 African Acacia 80 Hard Acacia 81 Ana Bean Fall Gland Bean, Ebony, Black Golden Tan 82 Amazon Bean Golden Shadow Tan 83 Disc Bean Chicken Wing, Oka 8 4 Adenoma Bean Teak, Jin Yu Tan 85 Wood Pod Beans Carriage Pear, Pear, Pinkadu, Jinchemu 86 Milk Mulberry Bean Jinnan, Jin Yulan, South American Yu Guimu 87 Red Saturated Sang 88 Yellow Saturated Sang 89 Green Sang Sang Golden Wood, Yiluo 90 Roll Huasang 91 Nutmeg 92 African Nutmeg 93 White 桉 94 Red Oak Australian Rosewood, Oak , Jiarui Redwood 95 Shovel 96 Ironwood 97 Rose Apple Agate 98 Red Iron Wood Gold Red Sandalwood, Red Iron Tan 99 Garlic Fruit Ebony, Purple Gold Tan, Wujin Tan 100 Ash Wood 101 Silver Birch 102 Small Red Tree Gold Wood , huanghuali, African golden sandalwood, broad-leaved 103 Mulan 104 windmill fruit tiger skin 105 cherry wood 106 hat column wood 107 heavy yellow gall Wood Golden Pear, Red Shadow Wood 108 Bafu Musk Ivory Wood, White Ivory 109 Good Wood Musk 110 Soft Cliff Pepper Red Plum Melon 111 Hard Cliff Pepper 112 Longan Eye Red Plumeria 113 Beatty Hill Lamgumei Wood Pomelo, Red Tan, Zijing, Madukka, Simena, Red Bakelite 114 Iron Wire Red Tan, South American Sakuragi, Sakura Tan 115 Nato Mountain Sapwood, Flower Rose Branch 116 Huangshan Rambutan, South American Golden Sandalwood, Gold Tan 117 Peach榄118 Monkey Fruit St. Mahogany 119 Boat Shaped Wood 120 Huang Pingpo 121 Four Seeds Wood Rich Wood, Pune 122 Dutch Wood Wood 123 123 Pumu 124 Elm 125 Elm Red Scorpion, Astragalus 126 Teak Rouge Wood 127 Wei Lamu Yu sandalwood 

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