Good flooring is very wear-resistant and wear-resistant performance has become an important indicator

To evaluate the quality of a laminate floor, it can be considered from the aspects of environmental protection, wear resistance, foot feeling, moisture resistance, impact resistance and pollution resistance. However, the author believes that the most important and most practical indicator should be the wear resistance of the floor.

Consumers lay the floor, they don't want to change it in a long time, but they don't have problems for ten or twenty years. As a result, whether the floor is wearable is an important factor in the purchase.

High wear resistance is one of the most outstanding advantages of laminate flooring. At present, the mainstream products in the world's laminate flooring market should reach the abrasion resistance of AC3 grade (that is, the number of revolutions is more than 6000 rpm). However, there are many low-cost floors on the market that use low-quality wear-resistant paper to reduce costs, and the wear resistance is naturally low, and the service life will be greatly shortened.

In the wear-resistant technology, "NCD cornerless processing technology" is the most representative. It will strengthen the surrounding edge of the laminate flooring to protect it from being hidden, unable to be worn, effectively extending the service life of the floor and maintaining the overall beauty of the floor. After five years of market testing, "NCD Cornerless Treatment Technology" can more than double the life of the floor. Not only has a good visual appearance, but also effectively extends the life of the floor.

The most fragile part of the floor is its corners, and the wear often starts from the corners. The floor that solves the problem of corner wear is a good floor!

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