Chinese furniture shows the charm of home culture

Into the quaint Chinese-style furniture dressing room, a deep sense of history and a sense of nostalgia from ancient times, magnificent and magnificent history, the faint integration of refined culture, the oriental charm immediately.

Here, come to a perfect ancient life in person, in the distant ages, with distant people, and the distant living atmosphere around them...

Chinese classical furniture is the unique temperament of Chinese home culture for thousands of years. This atmosphere brings a unique classical charm to modern people. The infusion of Chinese-style elements such as stools, screens, coffee tables, desks, and paintings highlights a restrained and noble style in modern home style.

Classical furniture tips

Classical chairs: The most common are the Taishi chairs and the four-headed official hat chairs. It is more comfortable to choose a chair with armrests. Two pairs of ring chairs or official hat chairs can also coexist peacefully with Western-style sofas, which not only creates an oriental style, but also has practical functions.

Chinese-style screen: It is generally placed in a prominent position in the room, which serves to separate, beautify, wind, and coordinate. Common Chinese-style screens are mostly based on historical stories, figures, plants, etc., mostly for meticulous paintings.

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