Characteristics of Wood Fiber of Poplar in China and Its Relationship with Pulp and Paper (4)

An important use of poplar wood is in pulp and paper. The morphological characteristics of wood fiber are closely related to the quality of pulp and the strength of paper. These morphological factors are wood fiber length, dispersion coefficient, distribution frequency, fiber morphology and microfibril angle of wood fiber secondary wall.

1, wood fiber length

In the past, as long as the fiber length exceeded 330 μm, the paper strength was not affected, but was strengthened. However, according to research and practice in recent years, the fiber length can not only improve the paper tear, but also contribute to the improvement of paper tensile strength, bursting resistance and folding resistance. Therefore, fiber length is one of the important factors to measure the quality of pulp and paper.

According to the International Society of Wood Anatomy, wood fiber lengths are intermediate lengths between 900 and 1600 microns and 700-900 are short lengths. The length of 60 poplar trees is 750-1370 microns, which is short to medium length, the longest fiber of Aspen, and the shortest of Beijing Poplar is 750 microns. Among them, poplar trees of less than 750 microns include: Xiaoqingyang, Populus euphratica (natural forest), Middle East Yang, Luyisha Yang, Xima Yang, Beijing Yang, Jinggui Yang, Baihang 1 Yang, Baihang 10 Yang, Mao Xin Yang, Bai Hang 1 Yang.

2, wood fiber aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of the fiber is closely related to the strength and quality of the paper. According to the analysis, the aspect ratio can not be lower than 35-45 to meet the requirements of the fiber industry raw materials. The aspect ratio of 60 kinds of poplar trees was between 33.1-59.2, except that the aspect ratio of bitter poplar was 33.1, which was lower than the above requirements. The wood fiber aspect ratio of the other 59 poplar trees could meet the requirements of papermaking raw materials.

3, wall cavity ratio

The ratio of the wall thickness of the wood fiber to the diameter of the cell is called the wall-to-cavity ratio, which has a great influence on the performance of the paper. The wall cavity is more likely to disintegrate than the small fiber when it is beaten, and the fiber is combined tightly to form a strong strength when the sheet is formed. When the wall cavity is difficult to combine with the fiber, the strength is low. It is generally considered that the wall cavity ratio is less than one is the upper raw material, and the larger than one is the lower raw material.

The poplar only has a wood fiber wall cavity ratio of more than 1 in Populus euphratica and Populus euphratica in Liaoning, and the rest are less than 1. Obviously, poplar wood is a good raw material for papermaking.

From the comprehensive analysis of wood fiber morphological characteristics, poplar wood is basically a good raw material suitable for papermaking.

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