Hainan huanghuali (declining wood)

Hainan fragrant yellow sandalwood commonly known as huanghuali, alias fragrant wood, also known as rosewood mother, also known as "buckwood", native to the low-altitude plains and hilly areas of Jianfengling, Hangluo Mountain, Hainan Island, China, "Compendium of Materia Medica" Known as scent, it has blood pressure lowering, blood fat and spleen and blood circulation.

The main function is to control the qi, stop bleeding, stagnation, pain, vomiting blood, hemoptysis, gold sore bleeding, bruises, pain, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, waist and leg disease, heart and stomach pain, high blood pressure (see "Chinese Medicine Dictionary" volume One").

Function: lowering air and silting, stopping bleeding and setting pain.

Indications: (1) treatment of vomiting, heart and stomach pain, chest qi stagnation, blood stasis pain, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris.
(2) treatment of vomiting blood, hemoptysis, bruises, high blood pressure decoction 3-9 grams.
(3) Applying wounds to stop bleeding. (See "Chinese Medicine Dictionary", "Chinese Medicine Volume").

Hainan fragrant Dalbergia is generally used for its wood chips. For example, water can be used to reduce blood pressure and blood lipids. The use of wood chips to make pillows has the effect of relaxing the muscles and promoting blood circulation, especially for the elderly. As a health care, it is best to have utensils made of Hainan fragrant Dalbergia, such as beds and chairs. People are most relaxed in sleep and rejuvenation. The scent of scent enters the body and reaches the lungs. In the long run, the bones and muscles are sore and full of blood.

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