The jargon of the old furniture industry

Opening the door - the idiom "open the door" of the waist, used to evaluate an undisputed real thing. There are also calls for "big open doors", which is even more plentiful.

Climbing the hills - originally used to evaluate the old paintings that have been repaired. In the past, the old-fashioned people will dig a part of the old paintings without the signatures or small names, and then make up the famous models and pretend to be the real people of the celebrities. In the old furniture industry, it refers to the old furniture that has been repaired.

Forklifts - just a few pieces of incomplete furniture assembled into one piece. This is a difficult task. It must be pieced together with furniture of the same material, and it must also take care of the style of the furniture, otherwise it can be seen at a glance.

Spicy - refers to the good quality of old furniture.

Padding - traces of the old furniture surface due to long-term use, because of the permeation of perspiration and the constant touch of the palm, the wooden surface will have a warm luster.

Leather shell - especially the original patent leather of old furniture. During the long-term use of furniture, the wood and lacquer surface are intimately contacted with the natural environment such as air and moisture, and are slowly weathered. The original lacquer surface produces a warm and jade-like patina, and the lacquer surface splits.

Distressed - make old-fashioned furniture with new wood or old materials, and make traces of used on new furniture.

Age - refers to the year of old furniture.

Taking medicine means buying fakes.

Five doors are lost - this is the praise of Su Zuo Carpenter for the fineness of furniture production. For example, a chair or a stool, after being finished, moves the same pieces on the ground in sequence, and the size of the footprint and the distance between the legs and the legs are not different. In the case of the same size and only the footprints, it is called "five five doors."

After adding color - refers to the repainting of gold on the old furniture with severe fading of paint, generally used for gold cabinets.
Grasshoppers - especially the bas-relief on the surface of furniture, because the embossed part of the bas-relief is semi-circular, shaped like a grasshopper crawling on the surface of wood, hence the name.

Jade workers - especially the bas-reliefs on the surface of furniture refer to the ornamentation and craftsmanship of the jade articles of the Han Dynasty, which are more common on hardwood furniture.

Pit goods - refers to furniture that is not well done or has material problems, and sometimes refers to new imitation furniture and the goods that can not be removed after several years of receipt.

Calling the line - the business between peers, also known as Knocking.

Yangzhuang - doing business for foreigners.

Benzhuang - doing business for domestic people.

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