Set door VS solid wood door purchase knowledge

1, the concept of all solid wood, its structure is mainly the door frame 榫 connection, inlaid door core board, in the market is a high-end products.

2. Characteristics Most wood colors are concentrated in a soft warm color centered on orange; lignin, one of the main chemical components of wood, has a strong absorption of ultraviolet light, and fine concavities and convexities on the surface of wood can make light Scattering reduces eye strain and damage. The wood is moderately soft and soft, with a warm touch, good acoustic properties, temperature control, humidity control, etc., and wood processing is easy. All kinds of advantages make wood the most human-friendly wooden door material. Even in the rapid development of science and technology, new materials are emerging one after another, people still have a soft spot for wooden doors.

The materials used for wooden doors usually require drying, but the water content is about 12, but if the solid wood dehydration treatment is not closed, after the wooden door is made, the door body is easily deformed, the joint at the joint is cracked, and the door core plate shrinks and white.

3. The hotspots of high-end wooden doors in today's market are concentrated in black walnut, teak, cherry, maple, eucalyptus, etc. Due to the high price of solid wood materials, some manufacturers choose some low-grade wood with similar texture. By pretending to be high-end wood to deceive consumers through dyeing and other methods, the following introduces consumers to some simple ways to identify wood.

1 Black walnut and cherry wood have a messy mountain-like texture, and cherry wood will have some black resin lines irregularly on the texture. Nowadays, oak and ash ash are used to dye the black walnut in the market; the southwest birch (south birch without black resin line) is used to dye the cherry wood; the technology (paper) is used to pretend teak, but the technical wood has no teak. Oily.

2 Maple color is light yellow, with a hill pattern, the biggest feature is the shadow (partial luster is obvious), belonging to the mid-range wood.

3 The color of the eucalyptus is bright and light yellow, with dense wood ray. The imported eucalyptus is less, which is much better than the domestic one. The imported eucalyptus is medium-to-high-grade wood in China.

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